Pnp Gold Spenders

Digital Mystikz

Gold Spenders, you gotta love em. I'm still glad people are putting lot's of money in this game so many of us can play almost for free. Gold Spender of the day award goes to Lordbaer for upping his wall from lvl 19 to lvl 25 in less than an hour :)

So time stamp is 14:45 and wall lvl is 19

53 minutes later, the time stamp is 15:38 and wall lvl is 25.

Lordbaer must have paid his workers quite a lot of gold to build that wall up to lvl 25 so quickly :)
Might have to call the UN to intervene because this looks to me like slavery


wow thats a sad city. thats basically what i have in defense expect i have to spread my units so far.


Penguin, there is no way that you have over 500 biremes in your city


Imagine how many goats he could have bought to families in development countries with that gold (or silver ;)).....and he calls me shameless pfftt!


The worst thing is that this is not even his money, I assume since he is unemployed government is paying his unemployment. Well Blodbart you are shameless and I am Monster:)