Gonnos News


I will be doing the Gonnos news if you guys want someone to do it. I will have 4 sections (I can do more if you guys would like me to, just need suggestions).
Section I
This section will be the questions I ask top players and the answers they give me.

Section II
This section will be the questions I ask top alliances and the answers they give me.

Section III
This section will be current wars, pacts, NAPS and other stuff going on in the world.

Section IV
This section will be a Fun Fact, a Weekly Quote, Weekly Sports News and anything thing else that doesn't go in the other sections.​

EDIT: Reply yes if you want me to do the paper or no if you don't want me to do the paper. Don't forget suggestions about what should be in the News.

Gonnos News 1:​

Section I:
I asked [player]bigD24[/player] When he will be CS ready and this is what he said:

Author said:
I think it will be in around 2-7 days from today (12-30) that I will be CS ready, really depends on the circumstances and situations that arise and is a bit unpredictable.
So for all of you players out there looking to stay alive, start getting a CS and get away from the top players. Remember, use gold and you will be safe (maybe :)

I also asked him if he was ready to defend an attack from an average alliance and he said:

Author said:
Yes I am more than ready to defend an attack as
a) I have my militia
b) I will be the one doing the attacking first. If worse comes to worse and somehow an average alliance manages to get a CS before me then I would simply use my back up supply of defenses.
Looks to me he is mostly offensive. This isn't bad unless you have players out to get you. Go get him guys and send my the report;) And somehow, I do think the average alliance has a good chance to get 5 extra cities before he gets 3.

I then asked [player]gokillanoob3[/player] a few questions but I guess he was to scared to answer. Good luck to him since he wouldn't answer when I asked how will you work with your alliance to take down a player since you are one of their top players. Guess this means he's going solo and want help.

I lastly asked [player]callumis[/player] what he would when [player]BBallplaya24[/player] gets ready to take his first city, since he will probably be the first in his alliance.

He said
Author said:
knowing what he is like he will do it all on his own but I will probably help out with support as he usually has offence more than covered.
I also asked him what type of city he would most likely take and he said-
Author said:
I would like to take a big city (his version is about 7k) but I doubt that there will be cities that size around. Therefore, the city I take need to be more then 1k.
So if you don't want to lose your city to [player]callumis[/player], stop gaining points;).

Section II:
I ask [player]juliosathia[/player] (founder of [ally]TW-Shadow[/ally]) if they have been together before.

His reply:
Author said:
I don't know these guys and they don't know me. We stay together because we have a hooter bar in my island. Also, they get free beer and now they don't want to leave.
I don't know you and you don't know me. Does that mean I get free beer to?
My main question is how he became founder. He says he doesn't know them but according to my friend, the rest of them know each other. Must be to much free beer. (Shadows, the beer has got you very drunk, leave now or get no more beer;))

I asked [player]erayeray61.[/player] and [player]cemcem61..[/player] about their alliance [ally]The ottomans[/ally]. I asked [player]erayeray61.[/player] how they will try and fix being a MRA and he answered with
Author said:
then I asked [player]cemcem61..[/player] how will he use the alliance cap to their advantage.
his reply was
Author said:
many points and many members
I also asked him how he will work on getting their avg. points up since they have the 2nd lowest in the top 15 alliance.
he answered with a stern
Author said:
I am the world's first
Seems like they want to be a MRA. they better watch their backs, it has a huge target on it.

Section III:
This section will get used next week as most pacts will be dissolved and new ones will be created. Sorry for not using this section this week.

Section IV:
Football-ORST 38 BS,U 23__PITT 30, BGSU 27__MRSH 31, MD 20__ND 29, RUTG 16__CAR 21, ATL 20__NAVY 24, MTU 6__ARIZ 42, BC 19

Basketball-CHI 95, BRO 78__OKC 123, NYK 94__MIA 101, LAL 95__HOU 111, SAS 98__GSW 105, LAC 103__ATL 127, CLE 125__HOU 100, MEM 92__OKC 89, CHA 85__BOS 103, CLE 100__GSW 108, CLE 104__WAS 106, DET 99__ATL 92, BOS 91

Boxing: The biggest match in boxing this weak was Silva vs Weidman. When Silva went to kick Weidman, Weidman blocked Silva's kick. Doing so broke Silva's leg. The doctor did say it would be 6 months for recovery but Silva could fight again.

Fact: A shrimp's heart is in it's head.
I wonder where the brain is?

Quote: "Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting."
~Napoleon Hill

Well that was the news for the week. If you have any suggestions, message me.
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okay. I will. but this week's might be a little bad as it's early in the game. but thanks for the support.


I interviewed 3 top alliances, 3 top players and will look up news stuff on google later.


Please do.

The funnier the news paper, the more readers you'll get. So don't forget to add some humour to your articles ;)


check my first post, i'll put the papers up there. I leave 2 up there at a time.


I am so flabbergasted at that sports section if it's football make it European not American.

For future releases, Make Player names BOLD rather than using in-game BB codes.

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I interview random people. if you would like to be interviewed, please message me in game. Same with ideas and suggestions as I want this paper to be fore you guys.