Good fun in Ocean 65...the beginning of the end for me...


Howdy all,

I just got back from a months vacation where my alliance was obliterated by the White Eagles here in Ocean 65. I offered to join up with them, I ended up being attacked.

The past 24 hours have been fun filled. I have three cities... a 10k city "The Alamo" a 2kish city "Bastion of Secretion" and a 3kish city: "Bastion of Arousal".

So far I have held them back...probably not much longer after this post.

First Three Spears threw probably everything he had at me from all of his cities and candc probably threw most of what he had at me:
While I sustained some damage, I held my ground.

Their loses:
Slingers: 2432
Archers: 107
Hoplites: 2295
Horsemen: 156
Chariots: 8
Harpy: 5
Transports: 76
Colony Ships: 1
Light Ships: 83

Then late last night, Capricus123 threw a large attack at me:
Light Ship: 1
Slingers: 850
HopLites: 200
Horsemen: 50

Three new attacks are coming at me: both from Capricus123 again... I think they are just light ships but not sure.

And a new person entered into the fun: moonwalker72 attacking the Bastion of Arousal.

Oh the bitter end is near. Mayhap this will provide some intel to some other hungry alliances that want to target their Ion Canons at them. *hint hint nudge nudge* I could use the rest. Still holding pretty strong though.