Goodbye Warriors!!!!!!!!


As some of you may know i havent been playing for over 2 weeks now........well i have been in Texas doing some training for my deployment to Iraq that is coming up within a few weeks from now......first i want to thank everyone for the hard work and good fun i had. Second i wish the best of luck to everyone in the game and real life.........

Krustard i expect one of your mobile coolers at my door step when i get back.

Big John E your scum in the game but im sure your a good guy in real life. But i still dont like you to well. LOL.

Now this warrior must put on his helmet, tie his boots and pick up his rifle for my country has called for me yet again.......this will be my 3rd deployment to Iraq.......Wish me luck....



Stay safe bro and drop a line at the MWR once and awhile (not :p ) Seriously don't have too much fun.


Best of Luck to you while you're over there. I appreciate the sacrifices you make for our country. Stay safe.


From one soldier to another, don't be a hero, just get there a do your job. hero's die far too often.


safe return

Good luck mate, head down and have a safe return home.

Talon of the Silver Hawk

Your country thanks you. Good luck, hopefully we will see you back on the forums.