Google Chrome Grepo Theme

Discussion in 'Archive' started by raptok, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. raptok

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  2. Talion

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    Very nice Raptok.

    -Downloads- xD

  3. chalna

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    cool, i will get it.
  4. raptok

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  5. IchigoKuro

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    Looks GREAT! I'm using it right now.
  6. Jaggius

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    Got all screwed up when I tried it and I had to reinstall Chrome.
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  8. raptok

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  9. Inveterate

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    I feel so energy & powerful!

    Very nice rap, maybe suggest something like this in the creative community discussions group or whatever it's called :)

    Edit: Although it's kind of hard to compete with what you've already contributed ;)
  10. This is awesome, i'm using it now ^^
  11. Innovation

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    Looks promising! Awesome post, too! :)

    Can anyone post a screenshot on what it looks like?