GPC round 2 results?


Voting ending on the 13th. Do we have results for our election?

I know there will still need to be decisions made about inner council and acceptance of the NDA for the final council but it would be nice to have some information if we are allowed to know.



Results have gone out in some servers, but EN+US+CZ+PL are still waiting on them as far as I know.
I don't necessarily have information about when the results will be out on our worlds, cause I'm not really in the loop for that....

However, thus far the Council Advisory members have made contact with most of the FR, NL, DE, and IT council members. (We've reached out to RO but no responses yet, might be time of day problem.)

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
We've got our results and the results for US since we're handling them as well but we're waiting on some info from Inno on a matter before we publish them. Once we get that tomorrow morning we'll publish the results and I'll start getting our elected members set up so they can vote on their inner council reps. One cool note is that we, EN, had the most candidates running for election, by a lot.


They had to offer the ones they don't want on council mod positions first. Don't worry guys. :)


The discussion thread is locked and didn't want to start a new thread so....

Been over a month since election of 2nd gpc group. Know it takes a while to get everyone in place, sign your life away and get together. But anyone have anything to report about any meetings, or talks, or accomplishments whatsoever?


check the new world settings, they must be doing something right


in case anyone is wondering what the second set of gpc has been doing, here is a link to the US forum with some clues:

Thank you for the links, a good read

Sad to have to go to another forum for the info

maybe its better for our council to close their threads and just leave us these links.. so we can have upto date curent info..

We should not be treated as Mushroom's


DOWT, as you see in the links, there is an upcoming call with the GPC, the advisors, and the devs
i'm hoping that will give something reportable from all three and we will get an update
as i have not been in any discussions, not being a member, perhaps the EN side has a different view and hasn't posted for that reason