Graphics and Multimedia


The Graphics and Multimedia forum will be unavailable for the next 30 minutes or so.

I am making some changes there, so please be patient, and it will be back as soon as possible.


The Graphics forum is now available again.

I will make a list of all the changes in a following post.


The name of the "Graphics and Media" forum has now changed to <font color="red">G</font>repo<font color="green">F</font><font color="blue">X</font>. The reason for this, is because the majority of the threads in there, are for graphical content, and no other media. The name has colour in it, as it suits the forum section well.

I have decided to add a few subforums, to better organise the section, as at the moment, all different types of thread are in the main body of the forum. Over the next few hours, or day, we will work to move these into the correct category. Please be patient while we do so.
The new subforums are as follows:
  • Competitions
  • Requests
  • Shops

I have also added a few prefixes to the section, so that you can now identify who the content is aimed at, and what level of skill is required for the content. I had thought about adding subforums, but this would have separated everything up too much.

The prefixes are as follows:
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

To discuss these changes, or to suggest some more, please post in the following discussion thread.