Great job on farming


I simply want to congratulate game designers.
Now the farming became much more convenient and easier comparing to 1.26. No longer needed to wait untill the army comes back from farming village in order to send it out again.
You saving me a lot of time. Thank you.


Someone actually likes 2.0 farming! Wow! One of a kind!

Erin Nyes

For what it's worth, I like the farms too. Resource every 5 mins if you're online all day, or every few hours if you have other stuff to do. Can only be a good thing. Helps expand your city without having to spend RL money.

YEY to farms! :cool:


I like the 2.0 farming as well. On 1.26, I never farm, I don't have the time to send off troops and wait for them to return. I want the resources NOW. And in 2.xx, I'm getting them NOW.

Of course, for the hardcore gamers, 2.xx is way more tedious to demand resources from 100+ towns every 5 minutes. But that's why they're hardcore gamers :p