Greek Snipers - now recruiting!


If you want a strong, rapidly-growing alliance, the Greek Snipers is for you! You will find all of our members to be honourable and friendly; we would expect the same from any prospective members (barring enemies of course! :p)
Our alliance will always help you and support you in times of need. We have rapidly climbed the alliance rankings and are 3rd and 4th in Oceans 63 and 64 respectively, although we are not limited to this area.
Recruiting is open for a limited time only. We're looking for active players with over 500 points - if you're interested, or have any questions, simply message me :)
Pact requests are also welcome, again message me (I am leader and diplomat, operating in Ocean 64).
Thanks in advance!
Greek Snipers


I can second everything FallOutBecky has said here... as a complete noob I don't think I would have survived without the great training system Greek Snipers have and I can only wish I had the same support the rest of the members give in real life.
So if your looking for an Alliance that actually WANTS to WIN then i say "you've come to the right place"

Looking forward to fighting with ya...