Green Banner


Is there any way to get rid of that intensely annoying green banner that pops up and seems to stay up for ages pretty much every time I click on something, announcing something blatantly obvious.

Instead of making it more pretty, give me an option to remove it.



I second this and would also like an option to turn that green banner off or atleast make it stay up for half the time it does now, it is really annoying as it is now.

Lil Ajax

It is sooooo PRETTY!!
I just set and stare at it......for minutes at a time!!

But that RED one
I HATES it :supermad:
It will not me do what I want to do
I suggest they turn the red one green and the green one blue, and reserve red for dire emergencies only, like Baudin running out of muffins :p


Oh please scrap the crappy green banners. Yes I know what button I clicked I need no green banner keeping me from clicking the next one. Most annoying "improvement" ever.