GREPO Radio Hour!!!


For the MOD

just a quick question before i post my next link.

If it takes you off of grepo and you know the window that pops up for us to see the videos. This should cancel the rights of you saying what music we are playing because it is not on your sight.

Within the rules of no cussing a link to a outside page is within the rules.

If i am off base please inform me.

Right now it feels like you are censoring us for a link that doesn't represent grepo.


Nothing was linked in a demeaning way. It just had a few cuss words in the song.

If that is the case then every link in in-game profiles or linked here should all be deleted.

This is why i asked. :)

Fist Of The North Star

<img src="
To the babies and tear droppers we have here
^^ this was your comment, meaning it was aimed at people

your video title had an offensive term within it

person+ offensive term = insult

insults are not allowed within the Grepolis forums, its really that simple (I love the song btw)

if anyone has an issue with me deleting videos then PM me rather than ruin this thread with complaining

cheer up