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    Hello. I present to you Grepo-World, a website containing helpful tools for you to use on Grepolis. Grepo-World contains many detailed pages that show a variety of helpful statistics and interactive visual aids.
    Detailed Pages
    - Player (statistics, cities, conquests, and development issues)
    - Alliance (statistics, cities, conquests, and development issues, points distribution and members)
    - Island (statistics, cities, conquests, points allocation by city, players and Alliance)

    Grepo-World also presents a search function. You can search in plenty of different ways, including searching for free cities or even searching for inactive players!
    Search Functions
    - Players
    - Allianz
    - City
    - Free Cities
    - Inactive players

    With which, come the statistics. You can find out different and more in depth statistics using the tool, including “Battle Points average per member”, “Strongest Islands”, and more. ..
    Statistics Available
    - Players (Player comparison using graphs is available)
    - Allianz
    - City
    - Island
    - Sea
    - Conquest
    => City
    => Player
    => Alliance

    There is also an account section on Grepo-World, where you can share your troop movements with your friends. Though there will be more coming soon.
    Grepo-World contains many external links to Grepolis and contains many interactive graphs which cannot be found anywhere else.

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