Grepoelves Invasion Feedback Thread

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Feel free to post any questions or feedback about the new playable race that will soon be added to Grepolis in this thread.


Heres some feedback, if you want to make an april fools joke, say you will fix just 1 of the many problems in the game.
lol this made my day

Anyways it's obvious that it's an april's fool and at the same time good Ad for another Inno game Elvenar I guess. Anyways if there exists still 1% of this being truth and not april's fool, it will be really interesting. And if it's april's fool, and most likely it is, dope joke, because what I see from alliance forums you got lots of players to believe in it, at first I thought it was a new event and was really intrigued lol.


Elves? OK, put them in as a random enemy.

Elf colony ship shows up off shore, x number of hours to kill it. If you fail, it founds a hostile city.

monkey trouble

Wanna hear a good one? You as a leader.

Never saw someone ghost so quickly and not bother to tell their team, when they are a founder of that team.
hahahaha that is just soooooo funny, you are so witty

as for the grepoelves, it was obviously an April Fools' Day joke, but still a bit of fun


Inno almost had me this time. I was genuinely interested and then I looked into my youtube feed...

Figured it out pretty quickly then :D