Discussion in 'Archive' started by raptok, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. raptok

    raptok Guest

    Anybody want to help with my wiki, GrepoFan

    So anyone wanna Help :)
  2. OrangeOpti

    OrangeOpti Guest

    I am glad to help out, just one thing, why don't you contact Innogames about making it part of the official grepolis. A special area for tutorials and stuff.

    Contact me with the details, I'd love to help, with GFX or Tutorials?
  3. sch01ar

    sch01ar Guest

    IG has an official wiki for Grepolis though it needs some work. Why don't you two message Betsy about it.
  4. Aicy

    Aicy Strategos

    Feb 3, 2010
    I don't see why you don't just ask to become Wiki editors...
  5. shawnpal

    shawnpal Guest

    I know I shouldn't ..

    I edited all the fast ships in the *Fast ship section* into Fat Ships
  6. Legokiller

    Legokiller Guest

    ok i will help :D
  7. Eclipse

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    Moved to Community Projects.
  8. vincaocao

    vincaocao Phrourach

    Aug 2, 2010
    Can I help raptok?
  9. raptok

    raptok Guest

    Yea sure
  10. sulleto

    sulleto Guest

    can i help
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