Grepolis 2.0 New farming system! Discussion


I am new to the game, maybe almost a little addicted to click demands of 5 min and I have a question. I am not sure if this is the right place...
Is there a "maximum daily amount of resources" for a village? And, if I reach this amount, what I can do? How much I have to wait?
it's all here...

lord syron orm

Meh, its okay, because you can loot and demand, but you can't get a ton of resources from loot, like sending 100 horsemen and getting like 1000 each on old, while on new you can only get ranged amounts.


I really do not like the new farming system. The number of clinks needed to stay ahead in a 2.0 world is just stupid. I have tried playing on Chi now and just lost my entire army in a failed conquest-attempt. In a 1.26 world this would have been fine, but thinking of how much clicking it will take to get a new army has made me quit the world (all 2.0 worlds).
And yes you can say that you can get thousands of resources with one click in 2.0 also, but doing that would cost you dearly since that farm then will be unfarmable the next millennium.

Bottom line: My 2.0 experience can be summed up with the following:
Activety....................Time spent doing it
Farming -> Boring -----------> 90%
Fighting -> Fun ---------------> 10%


Pfft. I stopped farming seriously after my fourth-fifth city (not because I was bored of it). I like the 2.0 farming for different reasons, mainly it frees up population because I don't need farming troops and that if I get cleared (not very likely) then I can still farm to my full potential. Nothing is worse than your BP ending while you sleep and getting cleared.

PS. Does that mean we won't see you in any other worlds playing with us jpindseth? :(


Chiming in here with my 2 denarii. I dislike this system in that it replaces "fun" with "tedium".. endlessly clicking on the villages to get income is not my idea of a sound and enjoyable game mechanic.

It feels like a stop-gap measure, or whats worse, a metric designed to support future advertising sales. I would prefer this be replaced with practically any other system that doesn't involve clicking mindlessly on a tight schedule...


Mabe you could farm ALL villages on the same island with 1 click (or all ready farms)

You would get the res based on the your lowest farm level as a sort of penalty

Maybe introduce this after you have 2-3 islands


they introduced a paid for feature already they wont care for non premiums sorry :)


no it doesn't guys THE FARMS USE NO SPACE WHATSOEVER you send 6 swords in an attack on your second village it has a slinger defending it you lose 1 swordman he dies and the other 5 come back unharmed and the dead swordman frees up 1 pop so no, no farm space is used!!!


Would it be possible to implement automatic farming? With the current system it takes five minutes to demand resources from each farming village (with ten cities and about 60 farming villages). Now, I just demand resources for either 4 hours or 8 hours.
With automatic farming, I would be able to focus on my city's development, the alliance forum, and attacking people without wasting time demanding resources. This would also give me about 7x more resources from farming villages - about 4,500 resources per farming village per day, based on the current rates in a speed 1 world (like Upsilon). In my main city, where I have conquered all 8 farming villages, this would mean 36,000 of each resource from farming villages every day. Even if the rate were lower, automatic farming would make a lot of players happier.


There is an extra for Naval Captian, but if your way, the games would be controlled by bots.