Grepolis 2.0: New Interface


My opinion about the new maps is that they suck. Its imposible now to see the ocean map from an eagle eye. All you can see is 4-5 islands away. So as i player i am asking : how are we going to plan our alliance strategies , when we cant see the big picture or even the borders of our ocean ?
I understand that the delevopers wanted to implement something new and fresh, but that ....

You can drag the map around like previous?


sure you can, but can you see your current position in the ocean ? No, you cant
You only see some islands nearby,but not the whole picture


Yeah, I noticed that too and it is very frustrating.

There is not even any Ocean markers, which makes it close to impossible to picture where you and your alliance is and how it relates to other alliances.


I'd like to know why they changed the icons on the reports to the same as what 1.26x has? I liked how I could quickly look at my reports and be able to quickly see which ones I had lost troops on, etc. I liked the green/orange/red squares so much better, I hope they bring those back.

Other than that, so far enjoying the 2.0 interface. I also don't like how there are no ocean boundary lines either on the map.


I've done some looking around on the new interface and I've come to a conclusion: I don't like it at all.

It just feels so... Uuuggghhh... The windows and everything are just so fidgety. It just takes more effort than needed... And bandwidth too.


I like the windows interface once the map click bug is fixed...

But the game is much slower now. Also the farming is bust.