Grepolis 2.0 Release date and world discussion


Please leave you comments about the Release date and World setting here:

Hello Players and forum Goers,

Finally a 2.0 release date has been set. Two new 2.0 worlds will be released on this server next week: world Rho and world Sigma. A new God Hades, the Phoenician trader and new premium features are just a few new 2.0 additions. All 2.0 changes can be found here: !Click me!. The world settings are as followed:

Please be aware that you will only be able to play one of these worlds. You may play Rho or Sigma, but not both worlds at the same time. Therefore please choose carefully which world you would like to play.

Rho - launching on April 4th 2011
-The World speed will be speed 2
-Unit Speed will be 1
-The Alliance limit will be 100
-The beginners protection will be 5 days
-The revolt system will be in effect
-The morale system will be active

Sigma - launching on April 5th 2011
-The World speed will be speed 3
-Unit Speed will be 1.5
-The Alliance limit will be 88
-The beginners protection will be 4 days
-The conquest system will be in effect
-The morale system will be active

The wait is finally over and we are looking forward to a (hopefully ;)) bug fee launch! Thank you for all your help and support on the beta server.


The Grepolis Team

Die Xerxes

I think morale should be deactivated on one of these worlds. Otherwise it's ok, I guess. Not overly excited about 2.0 coming out. But it's something new.


Have to agree, really wish the revolt world didnt have morale. Dont think il join either.


c'mon did you even read my thread about morale :p
at least give us 1 morale free server :rolleyes:


I have been waiting for this for a while, and you released it on the day i am off to Jordan! :(


Does anyone know if its gonna be implemented in other worlds around the same time or is that gonna be a bit later on??


I really hope not as I pointed out in the other thread there aren't much benefits