Grepolis Battleship

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Dear Grepolis Players,

We are proud to announce the start of Grepolis Battleship on March 25th, 2016.

How it Works
Guess coordinates A-Z and 1-26 (Ex: A21 or B18). There are 676 possible guesses. To help aid you in the hunt for the enemy ships, here is a spreadsheet with all the guessed coordinates on it. This will be filled out as often as possible.

Red= hit (+1)
White= miss (+0)
Black= sunk (+1 for the hit +2 for sinking=+3 total)

Ship Types:
There are 5 types of ship in this game:
Transport- Two squares
Bireme- Three squares
Light Ship- Five Squares
Trireme- Six Squares
Colony Ship- Nine Squares

There are three of each type on the spreadsheet. Ships may be either horizontal and vertical.

Double posting is not allowed.
You must wait until at least 3 other people have guessed before guessing again.

The people with the most points will win prizes.
The prizes are 800 gold for first place, 500 gold for second place, and 200 gold for third place.

You may start guessing here. Good luck and may the best guesser win.

Best Wishes,
Your Grepolis Team​


Congratulations to Mr Fudpucker (27 points) for winning 800 gold, Mountainman282 (24 points) for winning 500 gold, and Galib Abrar (12 points) for winning 200 gold. Prizes will be handed out in a timely manner, please be patient.