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    -this project is currently abandoned. If interested, mail me at

    Grepolis Blog for World Alpha

    Grepolis Blog ~ World Alpha

    Now on a Wordpress page, this blog will release both information on the world AND useful articles. A few articles are currently up including one on Mass Invite Alliances, one on Governments, and one on Activity. I also plan to somehow link to information or somthing... more to come later!

    Since this an un-official project, it may be taken over/removed by Inno Games if they choose to create an official blog... but until then, I will be at work on this one.

    If anyone is interested in being a reporter/assistant in this endevor, please, do not hesitate to send me a letter. Furthermore, if you wish to create a blog for your world or wish to update/publish the blog, I will create an account for you on the blog site.


    What makes me qualified to make a blog?

    For Tribal Wars, I am one of the blog staff (world 9), so if you are ever on Tribal Wars, don't hesistate to click the 'blog' link and check out some of the blogs that I have done or others have done.

    Will I try to work hard on this project?

    I will try as hard as I can, but as usual, I have limited time and computer access- that's why all help possible would be great.


    Updates on the Site:

    2/14/2010-site moved to Wordpress!
    2/7/2010- page size resized: Now 1700 px wide and 2500 px tall. I plan to make a second page made at a size good for Mobile Devices... which is not really that hard... The document might be hard to make, but a template will be easy to work with.
    2/7/2010- It is now possible to copy information from the World Stats page.
    2/7/2010- World Stats page is posted up and finished!
    2/7/2010- Site is up.
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    Very cute :D

    Great idea!
  3. HeftySmurf

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    Flash can hinder users, be careful with it.
  4. Josh

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    I'll be looking forward to reading it :)
  5. samulis

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    If a person plays the game, they are watching flash in front of their eyes... Zeus' lightning bolt on the front page is flash... Since 98% of the world's computer have some sort of flash, I do not think there is much of a problem using it, since you can get it for free from Adobe's website. However, you do bring up the point that some (if not many) mobile devices do not have any sort of flash player... Which is unfortunate.

    On the other hand, I will do my best to keep the file under 2 MB... thus keeping it available to thousands who do not have access to high-speed internet. I am used to working with flash blogs that are around 20 MB (because of audio).
  6. Eclipse

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    Nice to see someone finally taking the initiative to start a blog. I would be more than willing to help with anything that's in my ability to do.
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    My hope is that Inno Games will step in and make an official blog on Wordpress or somthing, but until then, I am going to work with it as an independent site. I would love to have someone who can conduct interviews, and I also would like someone who can compare stats by the week (e.g. this alliance gained +10,634 points while this one lost -1,503 points).
  8. Eclipse

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    Normally, I would be able to do both. However, do to playing alpha, gamma, and test beta, and 2 worlds of the west, and my real life, I'm really limited on time.

    I could definitely conduct interviews though.
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    That would be wonderful.

    If anyone wants to have somthing put up, send an e-mail to and I will check over it. I hope to get a few columnists or somthing who write in articles or such.
  10. butane

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    I can not open the map.
  11. samulis

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    That maps section is under development...

    To be straight out, we are currently moving away from the flash-based one to a easier text-based version on a Wordpress blog. The location will be revealed after the first major article is put together (currently about 70% done).
  12. butane

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    What for a map do you will use.? Grepolis-Maps?
  13. samulis

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    It's the only site out... the only alternative is player-made maps.

    The only issue I see with any sort of map made of the world is that it is much harder to see information on one than on Tribal Wars. First off, you must make a map of a smaller area. By that time, there is almost no point making a world map in the first place if the map is so zoomed in. I don't see any way to go around making a small map, for the villages are simply too small to be rendered on a map unless the dots are resized greatly. If you compare a map from Tribal Wars to a map from Grepolis there are several major differences.

    First off, in TW, maps are on solid land bases. There's no oceans or random placement of islands or players on islands. You can see 'cores' more clearly than in Grepolis, where you just see a bunch of pinprick-sized dots (the same in-game).

    I tried making a map two days ago, and found that some of the top alliances actually lie away from the center of the map. Currently, the only way I can think of to make a world map of quality and of small size visually is to render a world map in Grepolis Maps, bring it into Photoshop, and create larger dots where every village is. Here's a render of the world's largest alliance on a zoom level 4. As you can see, I would have to enter the top alliances from a multitude of locations and then photomerge the finished results together to create a single large map (that will, no matter what, have very small-sized dots).

    I understand that you are the creator of Grepolis maps, and I believe the maps site is a step forward... without TW Maps I would never have been able to create good-looking blogs for TW. It is a terrorble thing that in Grepolis, maps are difficult to use... Perhaps it is just that the current game is so new that no solid cores have been formed yet, perhaps it is just that the map appears to be larger... it could be a vast number of things...

  14. butane

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    Yeah i´ve problems, too. But you can use it! Im work on it that the world data refresh so often as its possible but its very difficult to get the datas. I would be happy when you write something in your Blog about GrepolisMaps.

  15. samulis

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    Don't worry, I will be having a talk on ALL the community based projects. ;)

    P.S. I moved the site to a Wordpress page so it is easier for people to write for it... I am still looking for new authors!
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    Guess what we are going to begin doing political discussions for this world to be posted on the blog if you are...
    1. A leader of your tribe
    2. A political big mouth
    3. A funny person
    4. Somone with info or suggestions

    mail me on Alpha and post here i'll get in touch and you may be a guest on a political round table to be spread threw the world and posted on the blog
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    Due to the lack of volunteers and any administration representation by the Grepolis staff, along with the fact that I have the Tribal Wars blog that I have to write for, I am giving up this project to anyone who wants to take up the call to write in the name of Grepolis. I will present whoever wants to do so with a guide to blogging for Tribal Wars that I have reformatted for Grepolis, along with the username and password for the blog on the terms that they promise to use it for Grepolis only.