Grepolis Classic Discussion Thread


Well, that was quick...20 minutes in and I just renamed my city "502BadGateWay" least that worked.


i understand they said it may have bugs but this is more than bugs when the world is down more often than its up which makes it unplayable


click on address: 502 bad gateway, hit F5 and loads, click on senate: 502 Bad Gateway, F5, start building click ocean view, 502 bad gateway, F5 click city overview, 502 bad gateway... in 3 minutes time


Hey, we should be happy, it was a present, and we were warned, oh yeah and we got free gold to really we should just be happy that it was announced and launched and


This server is that bad it's laughable - people are sacked at games companies for releasing something like this, ZX81 had better response than this. Obviously our money we spent over last 10 years has been used to recruit the top games programmers

banana nana

i have quit this world because it is to buggy but i still want to thank inno for trying to make a free to play world
I'm more annoyed with the classic world's mod for calling everyone whiners than I am with the actual game itself at this point. The bugs were advertised. The rudeness of beta mods was not.
Some dude named *Arci* basically called everyone a whiner who didn't like the errors and said they were exaggerating. This led to some trolling on my part. :D


Think that's the trained response on beta considering the amount of events that get released with reported bugs.
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5k people and rising were interested in this and there's probably a few hundred more waiting until after Independence Day...inno should really fix this or the winners will have like 4k points.

Ethan A.

Is it just me or did it speed up recently? Pages load almost instantly

Edit: Never mind, was only for a short while. Back to 502 errors