Grepolis Examiner// 2nd Issue


Grepolis Examiner// 2nd Issue

This issue we will start off with the Interviews, this weeks interviews are of Virginia Warren from The Imperial Guard and Demonot of T.T.​

Virginia Warren of The Imperial Guard
Do you think Imperial Guard is a good strong alliance?
yes i do. any alliance has growing pains in the first few months it starts. this alliance has helped me when i needed it. i will try to help when i can

What do you think will happen between T.T. and Legends of Orthia in there war?
i have no idea. but i hope Legends of Orthia kicks there butt. i am getting an attack i have to dodge from AquaVale/ PipingPete / T.T.

Do you see any real challenges in the Hero world right now?
just the fact that the person with the most gold wins. lol :)

Demonot of T.T.
Do you think T.T. is a good strong alliance?
Yes, I believe T.T. is a very strong alliance and has some good direction. Everyone works well together and it feels more like a group of friends then some random alliance most people join.

What do you think will happen between T.T. and Legends of Orthia in there war?
T.T. is mosly in Ocean 45 while Legends of Orthia in O55. Now with that in mind not much will happen unless one moves over to the other one's ocean. Once the game starts to mature and each alliance starts to spill over into each others Ocean, thats when the real action will begin.

Do you think there is any real challenges in the Hero World?
The Hero world was said to be the place in where the best of the best are located, so to me I see everyone as a challenge and I do not treat anyone lightly.​

A New Dawn...

Will the month of April bring any changes in Achilles, will anyone be able to over throw T.T. and there overpowering ABP. Will war break lose among other alliances. From what i see there is only one war and that is the war for 1st place and to get bigger. With Timmyk of Epsilon in 1st and diver1 of T.T. in 2nd with over 100k each, Do you think they are using much gold? its for you to answer.

NOOB of teh Week

So now its time for Noob of teh Week. I now Pronounce Deadly Assassin and there academy Deadly Assassin I. My reasonfor making them Noob of teh Week is Deadly Assassin being the main alliance but being smaller than there academy Deadly Assassin I

So i decided to make this newspaper Quirky i said i'd make a new section called
Brain Teasers
Send me a private message if you get them right, i will randomly pick a winner and they will get a prize off me, the winner will be announced in next weeks edition.

What is represented by this BrainBat?

Thanks for reading, rep is appreciated.
Next issue on the 2/4/2012