Grepolis experiances


lets share eachothers best grepolis moments here ;D

mine was probably the first time i got an alliance to the top 12 of a world :) or beating a mess of Alpha players in omicron after being blind sided one day and waking up to 6 attacks in bound including a cs :)


I once received an all out attack which I won. All I had left was after the attack was a slinger and an archer.


it's my first time playing so no much i can share.
This game had point plus on sea attack and revolt system in this world, so this kind of play which make interesting. on first two weeks I only using transport to conquering 2 cities (lol) and when I got attacked by someone without LS I realize my biremes only can take out TS and all of his army.

Australian Army

When my 1st alliance on Xi took out macos (O42 Battle). Oh those were the good old days of 1.26x :)

My cities are named after their top players cities:)


I still remember the days I played on Alpha.. was in TW-Shadow.. sometimes I wish I didn't quit that server...


My best moment was in Chi, In OB, when i was in charge of moving the alliance towards North :D i kept bugging Proto and they did nothing against me but when i went inactive they started mass attacking my cities lol, the amount of BP i got i couldn't count but the best moment was the memory i had with everyone in OB, anyone who knew me in OB (Chi) Add me i use to go by the name RuthlessK