Grepolis Forum Banner Contest


Dear Community,

Christmas is coming soon!… Yesterday we presented the Grepolis Advent Calendar and today we would like to introduce you to our special Christmas forum contest! In order to decorate our forum a little bit, we organized a special banner contest for you with special Christmas rewards.


Modify or create a new banner (head title) for the forum, with a Christmas theme. After one week of designing, all users will vote for the best banner. The most popular banner will replace the actual Grepolis forum banner for 3 weeks, during Christmas.

Procedure and participation:

From November 29th till December 6th (23:59, german time), you’ll be able to create or customize the Grepolis forum banner and send it to:
On December 7th, all banners received will be posted on the forum and a poll will be opened.
On December 12th, the banner which receives the most user votes, will replace the Grepolis forum banner for the Christmas time.


- Only one creation per player and one author per creation;
- Your image file should be a JPEG image, dimensions: 1.008 x 128 px;
- You can find the original one at this URL address:
- Your banner should, at least, contain the title “Grepolis Forum”;
- Your banner must include Christmas elements.


- 1st: 1.000 Gold!
- 2nd: 500 Gold;
- 3rd: 300 Gold.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here.

We’re waiting impatiently for your creations!
Have fun with Grepolis and the forum contest.

Please leave your comments about the Grepolis forum banner contest here!

Your Grepolis Team.