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2022 is the year the Queen of England celebrates her Platinum Jubilee - 70 years on the throne. Celebrations are taking place 2nd yo 5th June and the Gods of Grepolis have been invited to a state dinner. They are all wondering what gift to bring.

So here the competition is to pick a God and decide what gift they would choose to give to an English Queen. You should also explain why you chose this.

As its the jubilee we have lots of prizes:

3 x 1000 gold plus manti II
5 x 500 gold plus 100 land Expansion
Runners up 50 land expansion - all genuine entries at random as long as stocks last. The mods are the sole arbiters of what is a genuine entry!

So to enter post your gift suggestion, the god and why you chose it.

Good Luck - the competition closes on 31st May at 7pm uk time.
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Nine Fingers

The God must be Zeus as he is the King of the Gods and the gift must be a stylized platinum eagle ( Bird associated with Zeus and royalty ) to resemble the St Edwards Crown shape because the logo of the celebrations already suggests it


The queen has decided to invite Ares the god of war to dinner?

Now that's an interesting proposal especially as he will be gifting the queen something extraordinary...

Ares gift to the queen is to help her corgi's of course.

He activates Spartans training which allows her corgi's on demand to turn into deathly sparcorgi which in comparison to the corgi, is a huge upgrade.

The sparcorgi is a rare breed only known to the queen and Ares himself.

As Ares has never been shown kindness before, he wanted to give back to the almighty queen by giving her a defensive unit like no other.

The sparcorgi also has 900 bite, on the other hand is unfortunately weak to blunt attitudes.


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These answers are great - i'm going to make them visible later on so if for any reason you would rather not have your answer published just say. Your entry is valid whether or not you are ok with it being visible so its fine either way.


The chosen goddess would be Athena, the queen has lived a long time and knows about many topics, Athena is the goddess of wisdom, they could have a good conversation.
The gift for the queen would be a pegasus. Going everywhere by car is annoying, and even more so by train. With a pegasus you could easily go wherever you want, and also it does not pollute the environment,
something important today.

anes king

Hades is certainly going to the dinner, so he can check if the Queen is ready for the underworld. As a gift he would bring a Cerberus to be the Queen´s pet, cause she loves dogs :)


i am not sure if is this is the correct why to answer it but here is my answer .

i would choose the goddess hera and gift here happiness to draw a smile on here face :p
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I'm thinking Hades would want to rock up with a Cerberus to see what a corgi/cerb breed would look like, the "Corgerus". Much better def against sharp, because nobody wants to attack it due to its cuteness. Incredibly slow movement speed as they have really short legs, but pity the poor servant that has to take it for a walk and clean up after it...
God: Ares Gift: Ice-cream

Well you cant go wrong with ice cream. Its British summer and it will go well with the famous British strawberry. If I have reached this milestone I'd like to celebrate, I presume she doesn't drink alcohol otherwise I would bring champagne!!!


Zeus presents the Queen with a diamond encrusted crystal thunderbolt sceptre, which only Zeus can give to a sovereign.


Poseidon would bring his toned, handsome, muscular body to the Queen as an offering because Prince Phillip is out the picture


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We need more to have a go here - its just for fun. I'm going to approve all the answers so far and im also giving everyone their 50 land expansion - message me to say which world you want it on.