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Hello and welcome to the Grepolis guide library. Here you will find a list of all guides written by the Grepolis community on subjects ranging from how to conquer your first city, how to run a successful alliance and how to manage multiple cities effectively. These guides aren't just for newbies, the guides listed here can also help the most seasoned Grepolis players learn a few new tips and tricks. In time, Ninepence and myself will set up a rating system for these guides to determine which are most useful, however that may take awhile.


Startup Guides
Late Game Guides

Farming Guides
Offensive Guides
Defensive Guides
Strategy Guides

Premium Guides
Organizing Messages Guide

Fist of the North Star & Pythagorus
Quickbar Tutorial

Attack Planner Guide

Leadership Guides
Forum Guides
Hero Guides
Harry Slother
Hero guide line

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Took just over two months and a large kick up the backside from Ninepence but this is finally finished!



Makes me laugh that two of the leadership guides were written by players who have proved to be pretty trash leaders and had epic sized premade fails on recent servers. Nice list though, should add groms site to this or links to his guides, their prolly the best on the internet.


Can you include those old startup guides here? Still a lot of newbies playing, and I remember when I started in 2010 the startup guide was invaluable in helping me survive the first attempt on my city.