Grepolis Indifference

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boris the cat

Why is it that whenever you have any problem whatsoever with the function of this game we get told by "support", to try a different browser? Is this the only thing that can go wrong in the whole computer world? The single reason we have any problems with our computers? That we need a different browser?

Tonight I was locked out of any function in Grepo. Told it is a browser problem. Half my alliance was locked out as well, I guess all of them had "browser problems as well". Tried to bring this to the ATTENTION OF GREPO, BUT WAS TOLD THAT THEY HAD TO SUBMIT THEIR OWN TICKETS. NOW HOW IN HELL ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO DO THAT WHEN THEY ARE LOCKED OUT OF THE GAME?

I for one am fed up with being treated like a fool, and talked to like I am a complete idiot when I ask for support with the functions of this game. I spend good money, and so do most of the other active players, and we expect better service and "support', from Grepolis.

I ask valid questions pertaining to the game, and get brushed off and repeatedly told to change my browser. So have others I have spoken to, and WE are fed up. Treat us like this , and you will lose paying customers.

You want an income from me? You want me to spend money on your site? Do you want me to continue spending money?

Brush me off Grepo. Brush all of us off.


I had a similar incident a few months ago when I couldn't farm. Emails went back and forth and each time it was "try deleting your cache" and so on. Finally I asked the person to escalate it to a higher tech and suddenly I got assistance. Turned out it was an extension I had disabled. I am happy that they helped me track it down but it took many emails back and forth before they even bothered to say something than the usual cut and paste response.


Please note that the forum is not the proper channel for this kind of discussion. If you take issue with the way you have been treated, please contact a community manager or SIGM.

Not open for further replies.