Grepolis is set in the future.

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I am sure that you think Grepolis is set in the ancient past but I am here to tell you that Grepolis happens in the future.

Reason 1:
You know the whole map even after you just founded your polis. Nobody in the ancient times had the ressources to explore the whole planet and make a whole (and accurate) map which everyone has access to. This map actually updates in realtime...

Satellites. The only way to have a map from the whole world that updates in real time would be advanced satellites which would take and send pictures all over the world.

- Dont have one. Feel free to bring one up.

Reason 2:
Everyone looks the same (For example all slingers look the same). Im quite sure there were no "clones" back then.
Also you can train X ammount of slingers in 30 minutes with gold, kill them and build them and up again (if you send enough ressources to that city) in 30 minutes (this is repeatable). Where do they get all those people?

Cloning. The future is advanced and has access to cloning humans. This could be possible due the fact that we already cloned a sheep. You can speed up the cloning process with the use of gold, a very rare material in Grepolis (will explain later)

It is just the picture of the unit herp derp. And they have so many people because they dont have condoms and make alot of kids.

Reason 3:
Traveltimes. Naval units always travel the fastest way possible, even if it is over land. Land units have the same traveltime if they go 100m over flat land or 100m with a big mountain between it.

Green: Expected travelroute of ls.
Purple: Another possible travelroute of ls.
Red: Actual travelroute of ls

This is how it makes sense. A direct travelroute takes a 16 minutes and 43 seconds.

A much longer route (more than twice as long) only takes 4 minute longer. This shows that the ls has to travel over land.

Advanced naval units with hoverfunction and your soldiers get a free jetpack or flying device. Another theory would be teleportation. The units have to charge up the teleporter and after a certain ammount of time they cant cancel it because their bodies already dematerialized.

Dont have one.

Well how come the world looks so weird (Many scattered islands with no big landmasses)?:

My theory is that the third worldwar destroyed the whole surface of the world due to atomic bombs. This would also kinda explain why mystical units exist (mutants).

All the ice melted and flooded 70% of the world which created the islands.

Some people have survived and saved tools to access the satellites (map) and also secured cloning machines and set one up on every island.

Gold is rare and can be used to speed up the cloning process.

I could write more theories but Im tired. Thank you for reading.

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hahahhahahahahaha omg! man u rock... :) ;) cant give u another rep atm....I need to spread my love a bit more to others before i do....


Haha. Very nice, man. I have to say, I totally agree with you on this.


This was awesome!
Had to read this even though I don't play in this world lol


I think we may be onto something here.

"Lightships" are clearly a code word for "flying saucers", with "light" coming from under them.
Are all Colony Ships captained by Captain James T. Kirk?
Pegasus are presumably Teleported from one city to another.
Do Hoplites use Taser Guns on poles to stun their opponents?
Recycling is probably high on the agenda, as you can't mine any iron for new swords.