Grepolis Moving Forwards.

Roadrunner 1

Hi Guys and Girls,

I have rarely posted in the forum even though I've been around for nearly 11 years.

I have been reading the moving forwards post and I would just like to say I do not think you will improve player numbers unless you give new players help and time to establish themselves as speaking for myself, I leave new players alone, but a lot of players see them as easy meat and so they just give up as there is no incentive to grow.
This problem has been a slow growing problem which I suppose has been ignored, but in the long term old school players will stay anyway, so as I said earlier why not give new players time and bonuses to help them grow, but more importantly let them at least get to a position where they can defend themselves.

I know this sounds radical BUT I am purely thinking of the games future.

My Best Regards to all players and Management.



I have come back after a few years off and I know why I left before. The game is not fair. It limits alliance members, but not pacts. And I mean pacts with extensions of alliances. Even if you have gold, you get bullied by way larger players. For example, I currently lost 7 cities to 1 player. Revolts 3 cities at once and a smaller player with a smaller newer alliance has no chance.

The staff needs to limit pacts. 3 max would be a good number. Luck and Moral have to redone. I don't understand how someone triple my size still has any luck and the moral is almost the same.

If there are not going to be any new changes to make the game fair and fun for all, it's not worth spending any money or even logging on.

This will be my last world in here when I am completely wiped out.