Grepolis Needs You! Social Media Volunteers Wanted!



Greetings! Our Social Media Team is looking for new volunteers willing to help our communities in the international page. Do you have a strong passion for Social Media & Grepolis and would you like become our team mate?! Then take your chance and click here to apply today. Take your time, read the fields carefully and send your application!
This recruitment is now open. Keep in mind that our deadline to receive your application is September 15th.
Motivation and Experience
These are the most important fields: Motivation and Experience! In the first one (motivation), you'll have to explain the reasons why you're applying to become a Social Media Moderator, so try to be as transparent as possible because we want to know you better! In the second field (experience), you just need to tell us about any relevant experience you had in the past that might be useful for this position. Do you have Photoshop/Gimp skills? Have you ever worked as a forum volunteer before? Are you a good alliance leader with strong organizing skills? Anything else that was not mentioned above, but you do believe that you have what it takes to become a Social Media Moderator? So apply now. Just take your time and make sure you review your application before sending it.
Note: PhotoShop/Gimp/Corel Draw abilities are a plus. So if you have a passion for image editing, don't forget to submit your samples.
Would you like to become part of a dynamic team and work as a Social Media Moderator with us? Then we look forward to receiving your application. :D -- Best regards, Your Grepolis Team.