Grepolis Roadmap 2014 Discussion Thread


What about the stuff they promised last year that still isnt done? WW revamp is one thing that has been pushed back.


You're forgetting Heroes and the Rebalancing update.
These are pretty big changes, but to be fair Rebalancing had been coming up on two years of development before it was actually implemented...

I would have rather seen basically anything on this roadmap or last years than Heroes to be honest :p


What about the stuff they promised last year that still isnt done? WW revamp is one thing that has been pushed back.

What's the point of even doing world wonders anymore besides the silly crown graphic now that there is not end if an alliance doesn't do world wonders. I think it would be better for everyone in a world to just ignore WWs and play the world forever and do all out battles.


because there is always that annoying team of simmers who build the ww.

black Ker

Why you want roadmap for 2015, they not going to change ww's or they would have atleast come up with idea. we just get promised it then get gold trading, dev's done a good job of killing this game. Just want to say well done devs and enjoy your dying game, anyone who bored of there nonsense why not try game "pride of tearn" they quite a few ex grepo players there now, maybe you meet some old friends. anyway used to love this game but now is dead to me and i'm not only 1, good luck to those who will stick around to the end


Yeah for like Ares they should have harder battling warriors and Hephaestus gives you catapults and a bunch more things


Why even care i they put one out. They will only finish about half of the things. And the most important to gameplay will be the ones they dont fix, only the ones that allow you to spend more gold like events.

Bond 007

This seemed like the most relevant thread. Saw the recent post about Advisors graphics changes, and have something to say.

While we appreciate the hardwork you (the dev team) are putting into the game and trying to keep it interesting for players, honestly, you must reconsider your priorities.

Grepolis is a war strategy game, which needs understanding of battle tactics, etc. However, recent changes have honestly, been redundant. No one is bothered about how your advisors look. They provide benefits which are useful in-game, thats all. There are several other more serious issues which needs addressing, including WW revamp (we have been promised that for 2 years now), the release of new servers, and implementing community suggested features. However, we are getting things like improved graphics and animation, gold trading/instant buy (which honestly, is not very useful).

Due to recent changes being implemented, Grepolis is losing quality players faster than it is gaining, and is thus, dying out. I humbly request the team, if you are reading this, please think about it.

Thank you.

Harry Slother

Fact is WW is the thing that ruins the game....
it is a mass simming game these days. with you being able to swap players round for ruler of the world reward you find more and more sister/brother/mother/ best friends dogs vets sister alliances.

they game needs massive format changes the way alliances work and the reason for them....
the way wonders are done....
its the trolls that have the most fun in this game atm.