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I agree with the OP. The option for players to be able to set their gameclock to local time should be removed (we all have a clock for that in our taskbar or on our wrist), and the 7 different time/date formats we're currently facing should be reduced down to one.

I don't care if this is labeled as minor or major, just as long as it's finally done after having the community beg for this for 2 years in countless threads.

If you check the bugsection, about every 10th issue is directly related to this, all of which could have been avoided a long time ago.


im gonna re-read this and then decide if its a development or should stay here
Thank you, as HH says, it doesn't really matter in the long run, but people may see it as more important in Development, and it would have an impact on game play.

thats a different thread this is grepolis time not whatever that is.
So you don't read then?


Problem status:: Minor

Description: I am confused by the "today" vs. "tomorrow" description of when events will happen. I believe that the "today/tomorrow" determination is made on the basis of server time (GTC+1). Since I'm in Chicago (GTC-6) my today/tomorrow is quite different.

Suggested fix: Please drop the "today/tomorrow" declaration, if it cannot be adjusted.

Tangy Tom

Yes please! I'm fed up of arguments about what timezone to use,don't let people ruin my day any more!