Newspaper Grepolis Times: Pagasae Edition First Issue



By ThinkingOutLoud

I initially had more ideas for this newspaper but I will do a trial tests with the basics first. There will be no in-depth analysis of the top 12 alliances for this first issue, the reason being is that alliances are changing too quickly. I will wait until a much more defined top 12 alliances have been cemented in Pagasae.

Table Of Contents
  • Top 12 Alliances
  • Pagasae Rumors
  • Alliance Maps
  • Q&A Session
  • Fun&Games

Top 12 Alliances

The gates of Pagasae opened for battle on February 16, 2017. Alliances came and went.
Those who remain are the top guns in the server. That being said, Pagasae is still a young server and there are many alliances that will climb to greatness and many will crumble to dust.

Pagasae's ever changing Top 12 Alliances.

  • Make Grepo Great Again
  • The New Co-Op Day
  • The Shady Bunch
  • Synergy
  • Insomnia
  • Making Grepo Great Again
  • Black Star
  • Team Synergy
  • Psychedelic Mushrooms
  • True Fear
  • Da Co-Op
  • Black List

Pagasae has been a crazy server with the amount of change that has occurred between the top alliances in the server. It'll take several weeks more before a cemented top 12 alliance with stable internals happen. We all have just to wait patiently but never take your eyes off these top alliances.

Tavern Rumors - You decide

Excuse me lady, but we do have time for that. Question is, are they true or complete bollocks?

Just before we get to the juicy rumors. I would like to thank everyone that messaged me in game. I very much appreciate the contribution. Cheers!

Alliance Rumors

  • Synergy likes to kick their players that are too small because they can't be 'active' enough
  • MRA Synergy were boasting about winning in the war against Slyce when the score is 14-10, in their favour, when they have 3 times as many members.
  • Make Grepo Great Again are pact with Black Star waiting for Insomnia to fall so they can turn on "The Shady Bunch"
  • Make Grepo Great Again has over 20 members from Insomnia and Wake Up Call on their waiting lists to join
  • Synergy afraid of Noobs?
  • Noobs. are only capable of taking cities from inactive and unexperienced players.

Player Rumors

    • 10 of the top 50 fighters are the same person!
    • Rumor has it that a player thinks "Thizzle isn't as good as he think he is"
    • A player from Make Grepo Great Again should be banned for using bots?


Reminder: Some of the alliance sisters have not been included in this map. The sister alliance that has made it into the top 12 has been combined with their main alliance.

Make Grepo Great Again Family
The Shady Bunch
The New Coop-Day Family
Synergy Family
Black Star
Black List
Psychedelic Mushrooms
True Love

How about Insomnia/Wake Up Call? I guess you can't see em.

This map might be a bit confusing to read but I have limited resources when it comes to Grepolis Maps. So this will have to do for the mean time.

Q&A Session

Michael Scott anyone? I can't be the only here who loves The Office.

The players that have been selected for this first issue are SpikeMike420, Princess Kuini, Khan Pathan and Thizzle. Additionally, the answers to these questions are uncut.

Princess Kuini from The Shady Bunch

1).Which previous worlds have you played in? How far did you get?

Not enough to be a expert, (but still got my crown the way your meant too)

2). What are your thoughts on gold players?

Who cares, you got it you got it.. Just part of the game now...

3). What do you make of the new Grepolympia event compared to other events?

Love the bonuses, but costy as always.

4). Which alliances do you think will make it far in this server?

Hopefully us. ;) Most are "Shady" enough to present surprises along the track.. Time will Tell.

5). In your o
pinion, what makes a good leader?

Experience and great "politician speaking skills".. LMAO.

SpikeMike420 from MGGA(Make Grepo Great Again)

1).Which previous worlds have you played in? How far did you get?

I've played several worlds. My first world was a speed 1 like 5 years ago. I was there forever it seemed like, and so many people quitting, we eventually took home the crown. I've played a LOT of worlds, some just to gold trade, some to lead, and others to learn from other top leaders. We have made it as far as we wanted usually. I have not led a team to the crown yet.

2). What are your thoughts on gold players?

I am ok with gold players...much more so now that the gold trading has evened the field, before it was definitely 1 sided. I do think a limit on how much you can spend in a day or hour might be a good idea as to keep people from abusing the new gold trading options.

3). How does Grepolympia event compared to other events?

This is not my favorite event, however I do like that gold doesn't play any part and neither does size of player. Everyone has the chance to be a top contender which I think is fun. I do also think this even takes strategy, while the others generally do not.

4). What would are the advantages and disadvantages of being the top alliance in Pagasae?

There's a lot of advantages and disadvantages...things are good while being recruiting, diplomacy, and just personal vendetta's of others that are suppose to effect how I conduct business. This could get too long, so it's fun being on top, it's hard staying on top.

5). What makes a good leader?

Patience, organization, Trust in the other leaders of the team. Most of all though, it's the team. We wouldn't be where we are without them, and when you find a group of grepo loving individuals who love to attack, enjoy being attacked and have no problem communicating it...they make my job easy.



Khan Pathan from Synergy

1).Which previous worlds have you played in?

I played in Nysa (en77) and goes on to win the world. After that I played actively in Sinope, Abdera and Golgi but had to left these world early due to RL issues. I usually play in faster revolt servers but I also played in Emporion a speed 1 server just to experience what it feels like playing a top alliance like The Syndicate?

2). What are your thoughts on gold players?

Using gold I think is a personal decision and depends on the earnings capability of individual player. I don’t advice anybody to spend gold which you cannot afford and go broke just to play a game. In my opinion, higher speed world reduce the advantage that gold could provide you considerably. But if as an alliance you are all spending heavily on gold and that too on a slower server then it becomes a big disadvantage to others. Talking about my experience against TS in Emporion, they spend so heavily on gold in the first month that they were almost impossible to catch up with. 750 stone used to go for 50 gold there in the first month. However, Gold players are the ones who subsidized everyone else to play Grepolis. Such players are still far less in numbers and that’s why this game is still a lot of fun. If most players become golder then in that case it will be dead brain game with no strategy.

3). What do you make of the new Grepolympia event compared to other events?

I think Grepolympia is a fun game. Rewards are not so large that gold players start to wreak havoc. For example we had an event in Abdera where 48 manti nuke can be purchased for as little as 100 gold. Eviction Notice alliance went berserk during that event. With their larger player count and nature of that lopsided event resulted in game becoming mind numbing flying unit event with DLU’s becoming a useless units. Grepolympia is fairly balanced. It would have been good if defensive myth units like cerbs etc are also included in the rewards to defend against Manti’s and Harpiy’s.

4). What would it take for an alliance to win this server?

With Nagidos a speed 3 revolt server still not over, this server I see some of the regular high speed revolt server players not present. This gives a good opportunity to lot of new players to shine and grow. To win this server, I think surviving dramas in the alliance is most important. Keep hiring new and good players. Keep your team active. Focus on defense is very important. Most of the alliance collapse because they fail to defend against a good op. Securing an ocean should be priority before spreading wings to others ocean. One thing that I like in this server is the absence of mass coalitions which affected Sinope, Golgi and Abdera where I played.

5). What makes a good leader?

Good leader is one who is also a good listener, communicator and strategist. Leadership is the most difficult aspect of this game and usually alliances with the best leadership survive longest and win the server. Smart pacts, NAPs and identifying the right enemy at the right time is also important. Leadership is a tiring role and a good leader must also groom some other players in the alliance to take the leadership role when required.

Thizzle from Noobs.

1).Which previous worlds have you played in? How far did you get?

Many worlds. Only this world matters tho, what people have achieved elsewhere is of no relevance here

2). What are your thoughts on gold players?

Theres a difference between players using gold and gold whores. Both make the world go round. I love a gold whores tho. Usually that means a whole lot of bp for me

3). What do you make of the new Grepolympia event compared to other events?

This event is more balanced than the previous ones. But is also a simmers dream. Those of us that do the killing cant afford too many troops training the athletes

4). Any opinions on The New Day Co-Op family?

Co op is an MRA. I tried to guide the poor founder early on on how to lead his alliance, but he choose not to listen. In his search of points for the rankings he made the mistake of taking in our food. I reached out to let him know and he decided to tell me that there was no room for Noobs. In O55

Our original plan was to let them build their cities up for us to take later on but now we will take them small or big.

Their founders are some of the weakest i have ever seen. Making a threat then replying shortly after taking it back again.

If there is one alliance MRA should not **** with, it is Noobs. Folding alliances is our speciality :p

Actions speak louder than words tho, so i guess you will have to see what we think of Co-Op

So far its 14-0 on the city score and 1 of their players rimmed. Not counting the 3 players they kicked after i put them into revolt

5). In your opinion, what makes a good leader?

A good leader is one who stands by his word. One that creates the most optimal conditions of growth for his members. And lastly, one who is not afraid of being the whip when need be

Thizzle's additional words

What kind of questions are these. The folks are interested in who Noobs is going to kill next. Which ocean to stay away from. Who the mighty Noobs. See as their competition and so on. But i guess well have to leave that for the second edition.

We gotta keep the readers excited for the next edition. Dont want them to go quit this world already

Fun and Games

Before we get to the game. I need to know if I am the only one who doesn't like Zeus?

Enough about Zeus. Let's play a game while we wait for the second issue!

One person comments a wish
you will grant it but corrupt that wish.

Person 1: I wish I had a car
Person 2: Granted, but the car has no tires and no engine.

Thank you for taking your time to read this humble newspaper!


Grepointel for the map
Pinterest and google search for the images
Players that contributed to the rumors


Good paper. Only "critique" I have is it would be cool if you analyzed the Top 12 or did an Ocean Analysis (takes a ton fo time to analyze each ocean unless you limit yourself to the core).

I wish for a 5 million dollar house.


Good paper, and I think you don't need to do a top 12, enough others will do that.

You get your 5 million dollar house, but the moving truck crashes through it.


You're absolutely right on the need of a Top 12 analysis. Like I have said in the foreword, I didn't include it because there's so much shifting happening between the alliances.

In fact, I am not in an alliance. Insomnia's founder completely gave up on his members, didn't even bother explaining why he left in the forums. I am afraid that at this rate, I will find myself in the rim if I don't find an alliance. The rim is grim as the saying goes


Were do you guys keep getting these SupaHotFire clips. Their so funny... Sorta unrelated but apparently the SupaHotFire guy is back.


Just roaming with my buds in the core. We'll just go with the flow and see where it takes us. If it's a train ticket to Rim City then so be it!

As for issue #2, I'll try and release it next week on a saturday.


Just roaming with my buds in the core. We'll just go with the flow and see where it takes us. If it's a train ticket to Rim City then so be it!

As for issue #2, I'll try and release it next week on a saturday.
Alright if you're not doing a top 12 can you do what is going on in the main oceans