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Hasan Naqvi

The Captain is a premium feature, so placing the sim in there would be counter productive. The simulartor is linked from not only the Agora these days, but reports and the attack/support window, making a logical transition from the relevant areas of the game where it would be used.
He talked about commander rather than captain(not that it matters :D, but...)


to beta or not to beta that is the question

how do you actual get to be a beta tester. i have played in PHI for i think 1.5 to 2 years end of 4 word wonders. took a break and came back but its hard to find worlds with good speeds and unit speeds. so im more than happy to be a beta tester if there is room. i dont work. on the computer all day and night. 6am now not gone to sleep yet. so please either post here or pm me on what i need to do to be a beta tester..


Agamemnon 5

Would it be possible to enlarge the window displaying the units lost and defeated from the city wall ? Currently the top and the bottom can not be seen at the same time if there are more than four rows of units on top and bottom. Thanks.

Hasan Naqvi

More Transparency

The two-way communication between community and development team has to be improved. We want to be as transparent as possible by giving you information in advance, let you participate in open feedback talks and releasing our own internal policy about the development of Grepolis. Your feedback is always welcome and we want to make sure that you can see how we process it.
So why comments on devblog are no longer being approved?

Archon of Corinth

One of the best features of the Grepolis External Forums is the openness and transparency that is encouraged and facilitated between the community and the devs. It's a courageous and positive policy to adopt given the challenges facing Games Companies and gamers in these times. It will allow for maximum consultation between those developing and those experiencing output. Nonetheless I do not think that access to commentary on the dev blog is essential mainly because the policies and ideas expressed there are usually close to their final form and have probably have been subjected to a fair degree of user commentary/critique/amendment already.


I notice that the devblog is a lot more detailed then the forums and has better information quality than what the forum posts tell us.


Is it realistic to ask for a non-gold world? I've been playing Grepolis since I was about 14 years old. I love the new updates but am a little thrown away by how much gold can now control the game. Is it possible to create a competitive world without the use of gold? I know money runs the world but the competition in the world would be real and game-play would be amazing.

- Leovak