Discussion in 'Archive' started by Ptaah, Aug 19, 2010.

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  1. Ptaah

    Ptaah Guest

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a Grepolis Player on the french server Epsilon, and back there we didn't have any tool to plan attacks from many towns, so I made a little one.

    It's still under developement (updated frequently) but already usable. I translated it in english in order to share it with more people, so don't hesitate to point out things that might wrongly translated.

    The adress is:

    Have Fun,


  2. Osl112

    Osl112 Guest

    Nice stuff :) This will be very helpful for the future.

    One thing-
    You spelt Theta wrong >.<
  3. dannte

    dannte Guest

    Hm it might be sorta useful. Anyway, thanks for the contribution man.
  4. Ptaah

    Ptaah Guest

    Corrected, thanks ;)
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  5. chalna

    chalna Guest

    i got a message in french saying that the site was offline
  6. me to the linky not work
  7. Ptaah

    Ptaah Guest

    I figured out today from work that something was wrong in the calculation so i prefered to shut down the website until its corrected.

    Now, it's up and running again.

    Note that sometime the connection time is long (some second), because you have to wait for the computer to power up :D
  8. Soveliss

    Soveliss Guest

    this seems helpful, good job!
  9. ya very useful
  10. Comus

    Comus Guest

    Awesome little programme :) ++
  11. Ptaah

    Ptaah Guest

    Too bad it does not seem as much used in the english version as in the french version. Don't hesitate telling me if something prevents you from using it (since I mostly test the french one).
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  12. A most useful programme
  13. Xarandir

    Xarandir Guest

    I have a question about the program. What coordinates do you use? Do you use

    1) the island coordinates as city coordinates or
    2) exact city coordinates calculated from the island coordinates and the position of the city on the island?

    Great job creating and publishing a tool like this. I am using python to create a mapping tool.
  14. nwinder

    nwinder Guest

    I use this tool all the time - it is great.

    Thanks much Ptaah
  15. has this stopped working
  16. Ptaah

    Ptaah Guest

    Just to warn you, InnoGames is threatening me to intent a legal action if I don't close my website.

    If anyone want to advice me legally or support me => grepoplanner (at)
  17. it has to do with your attack planner - see if they will let you keep the other option

    since you are a free service and provide an attack planner which they are charging for - this will cut into their revenue stream
  18. Jennesis

    Jennesis Guest

    OH No! That really is a valuable tool. I understand the revenue aspect with their new attack planner but I hope they wouldn't actually do that! At least not until the attack planner is available on all worlds.
  19. Gordopolis

    Gordopolis Guest

    To my knowledge you have been kindly asked to close your website, and no legal action has been taken yet. This website feature is conflicting with the attack planner premium feature of the 2.0 worlds. You may still use it for the 1.26 version worlds. Therefore please remove the 2.0 worlds from your website. If you would like to discuss this further please pm me on the forum. Thank you for your compliance.

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