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  1. since this only affects the GREPO TWO worlds - you can still support the other worllds and for the TWO worlds - leave the planner intact - that is still a useful tool
  2. TafkanX

    TafkanX Guest

    Just found this. Very useful little tool, thank you.
  3. Magento

    Magento Guest

    Just rename the 2.0 worlds on the attack planner (World Roh, World Stigma). Problem solved.

    No legal action can be done as he has just been smart and created something using the resources available from Grepolis. Only threats can be made.
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  4. Ptaah

    Ptaah Guest

    For information the website is closed, InnoGames has reported me to for infriging their copyright, which I am obviously not. But as a single developper doing this on my free time (furthermore i'm not playing the game anymore, just maintaining the tool for 3 months now), I don't have weapons to struggle.
  5. TafkanX

    TafkanX Guest

    Well, that sucks. If I had to guess I'd say it is because it probably fills a role which can be had by buying premium.
  6. whateverr

    whateverr Guest

    That sucks because they used your idea. Maybe even used your design and programing work. Then charging money for something that was free.

    I'd be willing to bet they stole your work only after they seen how popular it had become.

    Legal advice all depends on what country you live in. I mean in some countries you may be able to counter sue. If you can prove theirs works like your does. and they somehow encouraged you to write the program and tricked you so they could make money.

    I'm also sure depending on the country you live in innogames might be willing so compromise up to the cost of what a law suit would cost innogames. So, while i can't legally advice you. you may have options available to you. I'm sure their is some lawyer in your country willing to give you free legal advise.
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  7. Gordopolis

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    This thread will be closed. The allegations of InnoGames stealing an idea are obscure and disruptive to the community. Please contact me privately if you have any questions about this issue.

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