Guess That Movie/Show!


More or less stealing the idea from Pushty :p, I decided to make this.

I'll provide a list of clues, and you guys have to guess the title of the movie orshow . The list will be expanded as I think of new clues/movies. Most of the clues will be give aways (such as phrases from the movie/show in question) so I'll probably only provide one clue per movie.

1. He told me you killed him! The Empire Strikes Back -onlyevil

2. Yellow brick road. Wizard of Oz -The Legendary Hoplite

3. They stole it from us! Lord of the Ring -Pushty

4. What doctor? Dr. Who -Pushty (somehow I figured a Brit would solve it first ;P)

5. The boy who lived, come to die. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows P2 -TLH

6. He'll be back. Terminator -Pushty

7. Yippee ki ya! seems to be the most catchy phrase from this movie. Die Hard -onlyevil

8. Officer, you might not want to taste that. Trust me when I say it's not beer. (I'm not sure how popular this one is ;D) Dumb and Dumber -onlyevil

9. I am the ice cream man. Iron Man -The Legendary Hoplite

10. Ra, a golden drop of Sun. Sound of Music - The Legendary Hoplite

11. Who you gonna call? Ghost Busters -The Legendary Hoplite

12. Need input! Short Circuit -firescore

13. Space....forgot the rest of it :/. Star Trek -firescore

14. Something about a wardrobe.. The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe -Link of Time

15. The average cat doesn't wear it. Cat in the Hat -odysseus2001

16. Would you like me to get you a box? Two Towers -Frozen

17. The odds are probably not in your favour.. The Hunger Games -Dobby

18. How can a dagger be happy? Romeo and Juliet -Dobby

19. The bird has fallen. Blackhawk Down -Goldfinger

20. Overgrown smurfs! (No, not Lane's Life ;D) Avatar -Dobby

21. Banana? Despicable Me -Apebble

22. They hunted together, and there they laid dead together. Where The Red Fern Grows -apebble

23. A fine horse. War Horse -Apebble

24. The one with the rifle shoots. Enemy at The Gate -Jizzaloo

25. This foreign creature loves to go inside you. Aliens -onlyevil

26. They just had to make him run.. Forest Gump -onlyevil

27. It's a jungle out there! Mr. Monk -Apebble

28. The idea of this building ever falling into enemy hands again seems highly ridiculous. Olympus Has Fallen -goldfinger

29. Furry peanut. The Lorax -goldfinger

30. That's one big stalk.. Jack and the Beanstalk -Link of time

31. Waking nightmare. The Walking Dead -Sj

32. A Marvel marvel. The Avengers -10destructer

33.! 300 -Link of time

34. I bet the survivors of this movie never want to see a shark again.. Jaws -Link of time

35. Two unlikely friends that become enemies. The Fox and The Hound -Frozen

36. The exploration team in this movie is quite unfortunate.. Journey To The Center Of The Earth -marshymellowman

37. She's turned even my chickens against me!

38. The kid in this movie is either brilliant or mentally unstable.. Home Alone -Shred13

39. Who knew one could get put in the stocks so many times in such short a time?

40. I'm surprised the old man in this movie didn't have a heart attack..

41. Winged nightmares.

42. Mechanical wonders. Transformers -Kanga

43. Interesting head tattoo.. Hitman -Mako

44. You're killing me smalls.. The Sandlot -C4R105

45. All he wanted was a dog..

46. You can't blow her up, she won't let you.

47. What have we done?

48. TV series about a descendant of the man who killed a president and one logical bone lady. Bones -Skullyhoofd

49. The only place to check in was a love hotel! The Wolverine -SirNoelRules

50. This TV series seems to be packed with science and BOOMS! MythBusters -Sj

51. Wanna play?

52. Who stole my bike?

53. It's the circle of life! The Lion King -marshymellowman

54. First movie of probably the most popular pirate movie series. Pirate's Of The Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl -DoubleThink

55. Who could hope for a better dog?

56. With a chance of what now? Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs -Skullyhoofd

Shadis Favorites

1. You'd think this main characters death would have been more dramatic in this action packed war movie. Saving Private Ryan -Lrtnl

2. Why trade one tyrant three thousand miles away for three thousand tyrants one mile away? The Patriot -Frozen

3. They're right on top of us! Bring it in close! 3.2. Broken Arrow! 3.3. An action movie. 3.4. Takes place in Vietnam. (Last clue!) We Were Soldiers -Dobby (finally!!)

4. The cat in this movie can talk! He's also not from around here.. The Cat From Outer Space -Druvi

5. Where are you? Scooby Doo -Dobby

6. Its no ordinary gate. Stargate -Suishoko

7. Quite a car.. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang -Harry

8. Hurry Period. Rush Hour -Harry

9. A lot of black and white..

10. Hey, I'll trade you a sausage for a sausage!
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3.) Pushty when his idea was taken. ;( Nah, LotR?
4.) Dr Who. :p

The yellow brick road has rang a bell, but it hasn't clicked yet...


#6 Terminator
#7 Die Hard
#8 Dumb and Dumber
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It doesn't make sense, though! :S

I assume it has something to do with ghosts?