Guess the Deity

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
We've got a third competition for the month and this time we'll be testing your knowledge. What knowledge you ask? The kind that pertains to the Divine. That's right, we're having a Guess the Deity competition. Come pit your wits against others in a test of holy proportions.

The Competition:
  • On Monday the 14th a list of 25 questions will be posted here.
  • Each answer will be one of the ingame Gods or Goddesses.
  • Players will have until the 20th to submit their answers in the provided thread.
  • The top 3 players will receive a gold prize.

The Prizes:
  • 1st - 500 gold
  • 2nd - 400 gold
  • 3rd - 300 gold

The Questions:
  • 1. Who was the 5th God added to the game?
  • 2. Which God is the patron of marriage?
  • 3. Name the God who was married to Amphitrite.
  • 4. Which God led an unsuccessful rebellion against Zeus?
  • 5. The spell of which ingame God gets its name and origin from a gift given by the Cyclopses?
  • 6. This God was the youngest of their siblings.
  • 7. Which God's birth was unlike any of the other Gods?
  • 8. This God was born on the island of Delos.
  • 9. Which God was also known as the God of Wealth?
  • 10. This god is known to be the father of mankind.
  • 11. Zeus and Leto gave birth to Apollo, the twin brother of this God.
  • 12. Which is the God of handcrafts?
  • 13. Which God was known to try and conquer or overtake the cities of other Gods?
  • 14. This God's history is filled with numerous tells of jealousy and betrayal.
  • 15. This God was married to Persephone.
  • 16. Heracles was given to capture this God's ingame mythical unit.
  • 17. This God's ingame mythical units were guarded by the Campe in Tartarus until Zeus freed them.
  • 18. Which God accidently killed their only hunting companion?
  • 19. The Parthenon was a temple to this God.
  • 20. Hephaestus was thrown from Olympus by this God due to his being crippled.
  • 21. Name the God who created the horse in an attempt to win favor with another God.
  • 22. This ingame God was originally only available on Hero Worlds.
  • 23. The shield of this God is known as the Aegis.
  • 24. Zeus tricked the follower of this God which eventually led to the birth of Arcas.
  • 25. The olive tree is the one of the symbols of this God.
If you have any questions feel free to pm me

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
The winners are in:
1st - Lifehacker with a score of 25
2nd - Chosen Gods and Aakash Goel tied with 23
3rd - rearglutespread with 22

Also the answers for those wondering:
1. Hades
2. Hera
3. Poseidon
4. Hera
5. Hades/Zeus
6. Zeus
7. Athena
8. Artemis
9. Hades
10. Zeus
11. Artemis
12. Athena
13. Poseidon
14. Hera
15. Hades
16. Hades
17. Poseidon
18. Artemis
19. Athena
20. Hera
21. Poseidon
22. Artemis
23. Zeus or Athena
24. Artemis
25. Athena