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Guess the Sounds

This month we have a competition with a difference. Guess the sounds.

There are lots of you that believe you are ‘experts’ but are you really! This competition will separate the men from the boys!

If you click on the link below you will be offered 10 sounds to identify. You have 30 secs to play/replay each sound and make a note of what you think it is. At the end you will be given a list of your answers to copy to clipboard and then paste into a reply to this thread. Take care and check you have copied the information because once you leave the competition page the information is lost. We have had a tester whose clipboard did not work but, in that situation, you can manually copy and paste. You must be registered in the forum to post but you can view the competition without logging in. If you need help to register raise a ticket in game using settings/support/create ticket. It is possible to do this more than once if you refresh the page.

This is a new competition for us but hopefully it all goes smoothly. Thank you to Shigatora for creating this.

To enter:
  • Click this link - GUESS THE SOUNDS
  • Listen and write your answer
  • Copy your answers
  • Reply to this thread by pasting your answers - You must reply here not in the linked forum.
Prizes Max pot of 7500 Gold and 5 x Land Expansion – I will work out how to divide it when we have the results. Personally, I am hoping that those who get all or most right will win something but if there are too many then we will have to select randomly. I think this is pretty difficult so don't worry if you can't identify all of them - just have a go.

The competition runs from 28th June until 4th July at 9am. Good luck.
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Grepolis Team
Looks like this is proving difficult! Come on guys. So far theres a couple of very good entries but I don't think anyone has 10.


Grepolis Team
Ok correct answers:

Guess the sound
  1. Divine envoy
  2. Cast Spartan Training
  3. Poseidon's seastorm
  4. Barracks
  5. Go to coordinates
  6. Griffin
  7. Open profile
  8. Slinger
  9. Horseman
  10. Athene's wisdom

and winners
@8N0DD 10/10 - 2000 Gold plus land expansion
@Sorin Markov 9/10 1000 Gold plus land expansion
@Spartan AD 9/10 1000 Gold plus land expansion
@1saaa 8/10 500 Gold
@luka26051999 8/10 500 Gold
@Sir Sinkalot 8/10 500 Gold

I will also give a land expansion to @Kosti and @candybeast who both managed 5/10

Please message me if you won a land expansion with the details of which world you want it in.

I knew this was hard but it seems to have been even more so than i realised! Well done to everyone who participated.