Newspaper Gythium Time Special Edition


The Gythium Time
-The rise and fall of Tiny Teddies - The curse of the Teds-


Tiny Teddies has been an Alliance which has been around from the first sun rise of this world, when settlers first settled down in Gythium. You could say that everyone was aware of this big and great Alliance. It did not take too long to rumors to spread, from village to village, questioning the strength of this Alliance. Merchant told farmers, they have seen this Flag before, in other Worlds were they were doing business. They started high and then they felt deep. Never survived a Tiny Teddies Alliance before. That should not change the fact of Tiny Teddies being feared by others. Number 1 Alliance in attacking and defending and also overall. That was reason enough to fear and respect this Alliance.


But then the Musketeers with their Allies started attacks, and in the end they are the winners with 17 cities since the start of this war, compared with 3 by TT. After another lunch of the musketeers on April 1st at 4 in the morning Tiny Teddies vanished.
At 5.08 one hour after the disband, Gythiym War Weekly reports a possible espionage attack on the former leader Cheezhead.
“I want everyone to turn there attention to Cheezehead's in game profile page it states

- You have been hacked by Anonymous.

Good game .


This is the latest news on the disband of the Tiny Teddies.
The question is now to be asked was it espionage or was it just pure failure of Cheezhead? When I asked BasilBarfly about his opinion he clearly stated that Cheezhead was a good leader and that he would fight till the end. This would mean that he would have never deleted his account. Nevertheless it would have been possible for him to go into Vacation Mode and then decide that he failed and to commit suicede. But then again why did he disband the Alliance? This all points towards a hack.


I will answer as long as you post without any changes to my replies.

1. In the last 24 hours an OP of the Musketeers against TT was lunched and an OP of TT vs. Musketeers. Musketeers took 2 cities of the Teds. Very soon after this OP the Flag of TT vanished. With it the cities of Cheezhead and shadowed cloak became Ghosts. Are you aware of connection between these two Players? Or are they the same?

Who knows how Tiny Teddies counter attacks would have gone. A lot of speculation there. They are not the same players. Shadowed Cloak and Cheezehead were 2 individuals. If you look at Cheezeheads profile, it says for itself, Good Game A$$hole, Hacked by Anonymous.

2. The rumour of Cheezeheads Account being hacked is making the round. How reasonable is this to you. Wouldnt it be much easier for Cheezehead realising he failed as a leader and making this up?

Now why would you ask this? Its your assumption that he was failing as a leader. However, I didnt see that. After all, regardless of your opinions or anyone elses for that matter, the facts were: Number One Alliance: Tiny Teddies. Highest Ranked Attack Alliance: Tiny Teddies, Highest Ranked Defending Alliance: Tiny Teddies. At what point do you believe that Cheezehead was a failing leader?

3. What is the plan of the TT? Or is there any?

Tiny Teddies is a dead alliance. Nobody will try to revive it. It ran its course, was number one from the beginning of it to the end.

4. It has been rumoured that you will start you Alliance with players with TT. Do you think that this is the right move to do? with Musketeers and other big Alliance around?

I have started an alliance for some of the former Tiny Teddies to have a home. We are deciding what our moves are, whether we stay as an alliance or move on. I cannot comment on the future of this new alliance, except that we have no wars with any other alliance, nor do we have any pacts at the time of this writing.



This is extremely sad since this is a game and everyone wants to win but I do believe that most players want to win the legal and honorable way. Basil also made it clear that there will be no future for the Teds in this world. They are dead and they will not be revived. He decided to start his own Alliance and give former members of TT a new home. So far this Alliance is not in any wars nor do they have any pacts. What the future will be he couldn’t tell me. It will be interesting to see what the next days will bring.

Weasy leader of the Musketeers told me that Tiny Teddies looked promising, but started to suffer from a lot of problems other Alliances suffer from. Internal problems, inactive players and pacts which dissolved. Adding on is are the loosing battles vs. Musketeers with 17 cities. She also has heared about hacks but then again her mind is on two ways. She also could assume that Cheezhead saw he was losing and to safe his name and reputation he restarted in the end of his Vacation Mode and added the Anonymous sentence. In the end we can all hope that it will be made clear by one of the goods who can see what has happened.

Caristoles: can you tell me anything about the Tiny Teddies?
Weasy: Teddies - initially looked strong and focussed but suffered the same problems lots of alliances do. Internal spats, inactive players and pacts that dissolved. Rather than cocnentrate on an aggressive core of players, they asborbed too much dead wood from around them. I was hopin g for a long drawn out battle, but with the score at 17-3 (cities won) by Muskies, and then the demise, it wasnt to be
Caristoles: The rumor is that Cheezhead was hacked. Have you ever seen this happen before? And if no do you believe in this?
Weasy: I'm in two minds. I've heard it can happen but my personal feeling is that Cheezehead saw he was losing and to save face, restarted his account and edited his profile to make it look like a sinister force at play. I donlt know, I hope my feeling is wrong. Neither outcome sits well with me. I wanted a good battle
Caristoles: I have heared that TT has been arround in other worlds and the outcome was always the same. Is this is curse of the name?
Weasy: Maybe so. I have heard similar stories but have not played in a world with the Teds before this one, so can't really comment.


After getting the chance to talk to MetalCore about the possibility of an espionage vs. Cheezhead it seems more and more likely. Due to many talks with many different Players it seems like Cheezhead was an honorable Player and does not deserve something like that to happen to him. As a leader he always made the right desiccation. Even though he was a little bit inactive as a leader it seems like he made the right call to give MetalCore coFounder rights.
With Tiny Teddies beeing gone MetalCore stands allone. He has his own agenda but is also not in any motion of restarting the Tiny Teddies. Has the curse of the Teddies arrive and finally destroyed this name? Even with an Alliance dispanding like this, Members who became friends and members who are active could just restart this Alliance. In the end it is one Player. Or is it Cheezhead who kept the Alliance going? But then again the question how could that be if he was not active for the last few days? What is it what kept the Teddies running and what is it which wont let them be one Alliance again? Is it the curse of the Teddies? MetalCore would have done things different and he knew that this was going to happen.
Sadly but true the war was over before it even begun. R.I.P. Tiny Teddies

1. In the last 24 hours an OP of the Musketeers against TT was lunched and an OP of TT vs. Musketeers. Musketeers took 2 cities of the Teds. Very soon after this OP the Flag of TT vanished. With it the cities of Cheezhead and shadowed cloak became Ghosts. Are you aware of connection between these two Players? Or are they the same?

Shadowed cloak went ghost between 12-24 hour earlier than cheeze did. As far as i know, there is no connecttion between shadowed and cheeze as i have talked to them both on skype.

2. The rumer of Cheezheads Account beeing hacked is making the round. How reseanable is this to you. Wouldnt it be much easier for Cheezhead realizing he failed as a leader and making this up?

I think at this stage it is the most plausable scenario. I know cheeze fairly well as i have talked with him extensively and like me he has his roots going all the way back to Zeta. This kind of move of disbanding the whole alliance without warning is not in is his style. He would never do that. If he ever thought of doing it he would of notified his co founder (me) about it. He was a bit inactive as a leader but thats because he had real life commitments. He made me co-founder in return so while he was leader he was making good choices.

3. What is the plan of the TT? Or is there any?

I am no longer assosiated with TT. While TT was around i was a loyal TT untill i was on the rim. Now that TT has dissapeared, so have my allegences to it and i have my own agenda to look out for. It seems some of TT is reforming but i will not be involved in it.

4. For you as a leader of the TT you have been arround with them for quite a while. Looking back would you have done things different?

Yes i would have. I said from the start we needed to avoid the potential GS/musk war. I called this happening and it did. This i just a repeat of NmE on zeta but much faster due to vsing better alliances in comparison. I would of aimed to make better diplomatic moves, or in other words, worked harder to maintain certain allainces/pacts.