Milestones Gythiums Largest Solo Clear's.


I just want to put this challange out there to any one to try and beat. Who can take out the biggest transport kill against an enemy in battle!

Ill start as reigning king with this
This is the first attack.


This was the last attack


Even my enemy will vouch that i was the only one to send attacks if you doubt my word on this :).

Props to nyx on his defense, i sent 20 cats in nearly every single attack and i still could not take those walls down to 0 even with quaking. Top notch and deserves praise. ALl those trying to survive against a muskie attack do what he does :p

before anyone asks the final result was still


So that puts the current record at: 936 transports

Let challangers step up and try to best it :)


wow.. so I shouldn't rely on transport ships to defend my cities?


wow.. so I shouldn't rely on transport ships to defend my cities?

If you are going up against the MC Hammer (god, i love this pun so much i plan to butcher it lol) i would not advise it, mind you my navy is just as strong :p But then again im top 20 so its what you would expect i guess.

(just incase of confusion they were all full at the start of the siege, couldnt be bothered posting 20 nukes though as proof)


well- someone wasn't thinking on their feet either to send out TS or call them back. But clear of TS was huge- have to give thumbs up :)