Hacker problem?


Okey,i logged in into my Oropus world...And what did i just see,
"Hello Kota,its SnowMoe again..Remember in Nicaea?Yeah thats me..Apparently i am very lucky to find your account here again..Its a pleasure hacking you and your allies!I hope you didn't give up yet honey!I'm going to troll you again and again and again!

SnowMoe Hacker Team"

Sorry for not posting the picture of it i don't know how to do screenshots :p
So apparently there is a hacker team lying around not in Oropus..But in Grepolis,i mean i was just saw a thread "Idiot or Hacker" and that was like 15 minutes ago!
So what am i going to say right here please..I mean please change your password and make sure you got your security in Grepolis covered up..I'm not sure if i can communicate with this "Snow" guy..But the real point is to avoid just him or his "team" to crawl around Grepolis and starts hacking everyone!I am not lying guys just please listen to me! :(
Grepolis need to make a new Privacy Policy mang...I mean i got hacked twice now..Its not fun at all..I got hacked,i got banned for 1 week and when i came back in i got farmed and i lost everything..

I tried to create a ticket from support but i just don't understand the system..This is literally my first time i had to do this since i had been playing since 2009..
Any help is appreciated..I hope you guys are not meanies,so yeah..Peace? :(


well just click on

Settings>support>choose world>choose ticket type(here it will be others)> write your grivances> submit