Hades Confederacy

Ill get right to the point, Hades Confederacy is looking for active players over 1000 points located in oceans 57, 56 or 66 to join. We are the 45th best alliance in the world and we are looking to grow stronger. Post here if you want to join or message Cheater of death. See ya on the battlefield. http://en.grepolis.com/invite-37106...tation_mac=a3998890&ref=player_invite_to_ally

My regards, Cheater of death​
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Good luck dude. You're pretty late to this server so I'd recommend pacting with a near by, fairly large, alliance.


You should change the name from Hades Confederacy to "Volskings Puppy" as i now like to call you with my inner voice.

By the way all that silver you spent spying on our cities which you then gave the reports to volsking of the illuminati failed as we sunk 2 CSs from them
We are ofcourse expecting more attacks from the intel that you are providing them but i can live with that knowing that you are spending so much silver to keep them from attacking you.
and o my God 2 cs you mosters everyone run for your lifes they sunk 2 cs the horror two is nothing and you guys are a wanna be MRA the wanna be is cause no one joins


Times move fast,Its 3 Cs now as of this morning thanks

2 from Elune and 1 from Volsking-You know the guys with 22 cities between them.

How many has your alliance defended against?

Heres a newsflash that im sure your unaware of.I also gained a city yesterday from your alliance and it received no support atall!

Its not a good city so il be giving it away but please take a look-Its the one called 1-0 to Halo.

Are you saying that you have not spied on cities and given reports to illum members as i have intel that says otherwise.

Also and this is my favourite i have information that you have been writing to people asking them to attack us and offering payment.

How much are we worth? I hope its a lot.


3 Cs now as of this morning thanks

2 from Elune and 1 from Volsking-
My apologies My information was wrong and the city this morning did indeed fall.

So to compensate we took your top ranked player.
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Lol, it is funny seeing small alliances fight ;p
we all have to start somewhere and i know we are small but we are organised so that kinda makes up for it a little.

Im not stupid though and time will tell how well we do but the first thing is to right some wrongs.
it is pretty funny to honest even when your the one fighting but im not fighting halo no one in my alliance is

1-0 halo thats rich man and he didnt ask for support and we have a three day refugee police so it would not have mattered
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This is from ally,war,disband thread.

Ok first if Hades Confederacy is an MRA they are horrible at inviting people than. Also they aren't allies with the illum at all.
You were not called an MRA.It was simply pointed out that you hide behind the illums which is very true.And do not forget i have messages from you proving that.
Halo was formed by a bunch of a guys who got mad at the leader of Hades Confederacy cause he deleted one of there posts about using skype
Halo was not formed due to a deleted thread,It was formed due to your lies and your complete lack of leadership qualities.

Halo if anything is mass recruiting everyone the see all the way down to 175 point players.
O and halo is such an MRA that in a day the leader of hades confed was able to get 5 spies in the alliances all of them lower than 700 points when they joined
Halo have 16 members = not an MRA.
Third screw those leaders of halo they also left because he apparently the Confed leader didnt give them any power in the alliance when the founder of halo jayshack was his most trusted member.
Why are you talking in the third person when the leader is you?.

and they turned that into that he was a noobs spy trying to bring them down
Eh.basis for that please-The Noobs barely know my name.
I allowed one of their guys to conquer one of my cities when i was leaving the world but i allowed illums to conquer my other cities (noobs1 = Illums 4) and if anything i helped the illums a lot more as i outed 2 of their spies.
o really cause i remember you getting attacked by the illum and blaming me for it and now your friends and guess what i though i was friends with the illum but i was wrong they are currently attacking us. We were called an MRA and you guys formed halo just cause you couldn't deal with me not knowing everything and you saw that as lies.

and guess what Halo is a totally MRA this is a list of "just a few" of the invites you guys sent the first few days of your alliance

Fran3ro on 2012-12-08 at 23:36
rowanwoody on 2012-12-08 at 23:35
flyman1973 on 2012-12-08 at 23:32
halabesons on 2012-12-08 at 23:27
dommie on 2012-12-08 at 23:25
B4MF on 2012-12-08 at 23:21
jsw3644 on 2012-12-08 at 23:17
blabla77 on 2012-12-08 at 21:41
Iris.afar on 2012-12-08 at 21:37
colinc13 on 2012-12-08 at 20:12
mickeyhamel on 2012-12-08 at 19:56
KathySilver on 2012-12-08 at 10:36
placidcake on 2012-12-08 at 07:41
fighter428211 on 2012-12-08 at 07:38
leethurnheer on 2012-12-08 at 07:34
ser.sasan on 2012-12-08 at 07:34
Deliaki Simmakhia on 2012-12-08 at 07:31
baikie on 2012-12-08 at 07:30
pkfishman93 on 2012-12-08 at 07:29
Deacon Blooze on 2012-12-08 at 07:29
dogs united on 2012-12-08 at 07:23
gekas 2 on 2012-12-08 at 07:23
Dorianmarco on 2012-12-08 at 07:22

this also proves you guys lied to me cause you said you would not invite my members

and the noobs could have conquered your cities without a probably you dont have to allow them
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rumour has it that your merging into Halo?

Wise move if you are.