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Hello there, Noob people of Nysa.

I am please to make your acquaintance, and would like to inquire as to the state of this world. If you would be so kind as to send a noob representative to discuss just how noob infested this noob world is, I would like to figure out if I am going to play here.

If this world has enough noobs in it to interest me, I may or may not be playing here soon. Please, don't bother trying to find me as I will be incognito and you will never guess what name I will choose.

I look forward to hearing from all the noob people of Noob-Nysa, and mayhaps we shall meet soon.



no noobs in nysa anymore....we rimmed most of them and the remainder disbanded and joined dragons for now :D


I play me goood grepo in le wurld Nysa!1!!1 I am masseter of my izlund an atak wit my friens ery day. I got lik...4 citis - ALL equiped wit Meteorology AND Booty (heh). Come git me scrublez :pro:


Dear Mr. Iced Dragon of the North,

It is to my depest regret to hear that you have relocated to the northern side of the world.
It must make it extremely difficult for you to mantain the hobby which I know you love so much.
Wearing short shorts, that is.

Regardless, this is not the reason which I write you today. I currently find myself in response to your inquiry regarding the amount of amature players, or "noobs" as you would call it, present in the wonderful world of Nysa. The population of such characters is quite abundant. I must say, you would fit right in old chap.

Many of soldiers have been spotted at the bottom of the ocean. Many of archers killed when they tried to advance against enemy walls. To my own surprise, I have even seen a hydra or two during naval combat. Even the Queen of Hearts has been spotted on the battlefield in all of her "noobish" glory.

All of that being said, old chap, I cordially invite you to join your "noob" bretheren in their feeble attempt to conquer the world.

Best Regards,


ermahgawd, saint, you would dig that thread up -.-

poops and engin are here? o_O omai, this changes things.
I'm still making up my mind, but Nysa looks to be a good fit. I should join sometime in the next week or so.