Halloween Recipies


its posted in forums that you jump 1 level regardless of were you are so if you are 15 culture point over your previous level after the jump you will still be 15 culture points over your new level
ps the mods worded this a lot more eloquently in the original post but i could not be bother to look for it, its somewhere in haloween thread
Are you sure that is what he meant? That is not the way I read it at all.
When yo get the CP reward you will automatically get the needed CP to hit your next CP level. Be that 100 CP or 4 CP you'll get it the instant you complete the 45th recipe.


Thanks loads Sirlion!

Thats clarified it too me, won't be doing that 45th recipe till i pass my next culture level!


Novelty starting to wear off for me on this.

First few days there was excitement as I got ingredients, lots of present opening.

Now its a matter of "oh, socks, just what i needed" *fake happy face*


HAHAHAHA, In the form of Harpy Claws.

Where's that pic again hahaha


Well......Eating just now so thinking and looking....I've done 461 victory parades so far, would have had more but because of BIG Noob researches :Angry: cough cough Orphaeon cough cough russian5 cough cough oletam COUGH COUGH Dimlos ......man, gotta get that seen too! :heh:

But yeah would have had more :( Oh well, just need to do more v.parades.....Click...........Click.........Click.......clickclickclickclickclickclickclickclick