Happy Christmas & New Year Fellow Hooligans & Maniacs


Hope you all have a good time with families, friends and with that case of beer/cider/whisky (delete as appropriate)...try not get too fat on mince pies and Christmas pudding ;)

Those of you....like me...who ain't going anywhere....enjoy the telly, munchies, booze...and sodding awful weather ;)

Have fun peeps...stay safe...and do try to behave yourselves for once!!


Merry Christmas! I am getting my house painted today, and got wood floors going in before New Years. A great Christmas present to myself and had a great year. Lots to be thankful for and lots more to look forward to. Hope everyone is safe and gets everything they want for Xmas!



Merry Christmas to you all. I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday period and that 2016 brings you all health and happiness.