Harbingers New Policy Re: Recruiting and Diplomacy


In the interest of saving my inbox, and also saving alot of you some time...I would like to clarify the stance of Harbingers regarding recruiting and diplomacy.

Please read below, and STOP MESSAGING ME ABOUT IT...

Harbingers Recruiting Is Closed Permanently Unless you are a current ally, there is absolutely no chance that I will allow you to join Harbingers, and that goes double for members of DoA. We all chose our paths, and mine was not to create the Delta Coast Guard so find another way off of your sinking ship.
If you were on our side when (in appearance) we were behind Ares, then that is a different story, and if I am not clear enough here then you should message Sparky and ask him to comfort you.

We Will Approach You If We Want a Pact or Personal NAP Delta diplomacy has long been decided, make the best of it.

Thank you for your understanding.


Cronos you're in...chris I am sorry but we do still have standards...and dune and danie GET A ROOM!!!


I would love to join...not
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