Pnp Health Warning


Hello Fellow Golgi players,

There had ben a bad outbreak of plague and disease spreading threw this world. The cause has been linked back to the massive amount of manti and harpy droppings on our islands. Since valentines day the reports of these flying monstrosities has increased by 1000%. If you were to look up now probably see the flying over your city right now. Please remember to use facemasks and gloves when cleaning up this hazardous material. These materials can be bought at any grepo store. Anti biotics are also available for your sick workers.

The outbreak should be in check in 8-10 days. Please remember safety first.

If you have infected you need to quarantine them immediately.
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Don't let such negative people get you down, Sparrow. :p

You made an effort and that's all that matters! Good job! :)


Not really tbh Lane..... If you want medals for participation go play something else lol. If something is going to be labeled PnP is should at least be semi-deserving of it.


Didn't ask for a medal, don't care if you like it. If making fun of other players with stupid pics is your thing that's fine with me.


I think it needed pictures, or at least a picture.

PNP's that are just a lot of words, you may as well just post it in the trash talk thread as a message tbh.

Pictures, maybe some different coloured text, these things are important.