Heightened sensors and speed boost


I have Heightened sensors running at the moment but not getting the bonus points i payed for them and would like to be reimbursed in good faith [report]38ba32f1987b5bb818ac06b66c4b1b9c[/report] i killed 4035 troops in the city so should be at least 14940 abp


have you considered that someone in your own alliance or an ally has supported this city against you?

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Currently there is a display bug on reports where sometimes the heightened senses icon does not appear in the report. The battlepoints are still being doubled it's just not showing the icon for the double bp token. However if you believe you did not receive the double bp from the token please send in a ticket.


the problem is which i have seen, if you add hieghtened senses whilst marching you currently not recieving the doubled bp. i have been testing this throughout the last few weeks and confirm if you activate mid march you dont recieve