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This issue isn't as big as future issues will be.

Heraklife Newpaper
Issue #1

Alliance News

Date - Feb. 5, 2012 (Day of BP end for core oceans)

Rank - Name - Average points

1 Brotherhood of Anarchy - 764

2 ---Desert of Bones--- - 606

3 Wolf Pack - 684

4 Blue Dawn - 578

5 Shadow Warriors - 566

6 Knights of Glory - 448

7 Nike - 547

8 Byzantine Legion - 540

9 ZuZu - 612

10 Byzantine Empire - 714

11 The Precedence - 592

12 .aka - 707

The Infamous Shadow Warriors 1-102 has got some shocking statistics. The top 4 alliances combined have 18 more players than SW yet has a combined total nearly twice as large as SW. The average for for Shadow Warriors is surprisingly 314. While the average for the Top 4 is 541. In fact Brotherhood of Anarchy and Wolf Pack have more points combined than all of SW. A third of the players in the Top12 have the banner of Shadow Warriors 1,2 or 3 above there cities. For the other statistics 51% of Shadow Warriors is not above 300 points. A whopping 89% of the players under 300 in the Top12 belong guessed it The "Mighty" Shadow Warriors. 1% of the players in the Top 100 are in Shadow Warriors, so one player. 1.29% of the total players in the world are SW. May not seem like much but when your world has 16 583 players you get the picture. I cant wait till Grepostats for this MRA plagued world comes out so we can all see how many of them are active!

There are three days left before Beginners Protection ends and already alliances are pacting? Why would an alliance need a pact if they're not threatened?

The alliance Shadow "Warriors" already has pacts with top alliances such as Desert of Bones, Pheonix Strike and Shadow Warriors 2. Shadow Warriors is what I would call an MRA (Massive Recruiting Alliance). In any world no matter what the limit (excludes 30 max) no alliance should have the max or need to make a copy alliance. In the Shadow Warriors "Organisation" there is a total of 130+ members after 2 days.

The leadership crew is going to find it difficult to control members that range from Ocean 65 where the founder is and Ocean 44 where there pacts are. If I were a member of Shadow Warriors I would either leave or ask why they have pacted with good enemies. Their profile says they want their members to have fun but how is it fun sitting in a circle singing kumbuyah. These pacts for no reason just make Post Beginners Protection harder and limits there Alliance Battle Points.


- [user]Australian Army[/user]

Alliance Headlines:
• Brotherhood of Anarchy is the first alliance to 500 average points.
• Brotherhood of Anarchy is the first alliance to 500 attack battle points, and 1,000 battle points.
• Brotherhood of Anarchy is the first alliance to 50,000 points.
• .aka merged into Under Construction, making them rank 12.
• Shadow Warriors now has 3 branches.


(Brotherhood of Anarchy)

1)Your alliance is doing very well, It's the first alliance in the ranks and has the best average points will this be the results BP rankings also?
We hope so. We will definitely be attacking quite a lot. Our goal is to be #1 in ABP. With some skill, teamwork, good leadership, and active members, we will be able to achieve it.

2)Your alliance is the best in rankings can you introduce to us the leadership?
I am -Spyder- from the forum. Mailcarrier is one of my friends from the forum, too. He is a great leader and keeps things simple. OrangeOpti is very experienced, and knows how to motivate.

3)The alliance has a strong hold in O55 do you think there will be competition there?
Yes. But, nothing that we can't handle *wink*. ZuZu, Blue Dawn, and Byzantine Empire are all growing strong in O55. We will probably end up warring all of the same time.

4)What do you think will happen after 1 month will we still see BoA?
We will still be around, and kicking.

5)Did you mark any alliances as future pacts or enemies?
Wolf Pack and us are discussing a pact. No promises.
Byzantine Empire, LOMBARDY, Byzantine Legion. Just a few of the enemies we'll have.

(---Desert of Bones---)

1)Some people are calling your alliance a MRA (Mass recruiting alliance). What are your comments about this?
Some of us who do not run alliances in the other worlds abused the invitation right but I assure you that we have taken care of the problem and it will not happen again.

2)Was your alliance a preplanned alliance or you just came and made an alliance like that?
This alliance is complex me and my friends from school made an alliance called Phoenix Strike but one of my friends got power hungry so he took off everyones invites and a last founder was able to disband it. We all then joined DoB and here we areconfdent we will grow and prosper together.

3)Do you have experience from other worlds or this is your first world?
This is not my first world I play on (the french version) then I came to Kappa and reached 20k but the world was too corrupt so me and my friends migrated here.

4)Will your alliance be in the top 10 when the beginners protection wears off?
We plan to.

(---Desert of Bones---)

1)Some people are calling your alliance a MRA (Mass recruiting alliance). What are your comments about this?
this is gossip, I choose my members, I know many of them.

2)Was your alliance a preplanned alliance or you just came and made an alliance like that?
alliance is really unique, I created to bring together experienced players, as it was planned to have suffered a (attack)

3)Do you have experience from other worlds or this is your first world?
I play since it was launched, but I played on the server (BR)

4)Will your alliance be in the top 10 when the beginners protection wears off?
but that question! of course it will remain in the top 10

(Wolf Pack)

1)The alliance you have. Was it planned as a premade or you just came and did it?
At first I wasn't even sure I would be joining this world but figured I would see who all would be up to joining. After a few others signed on I said sure and went all for it and here I am playing tag with first place.

2)Wolf Pack has a good stronghold and some people are telling "Wolf Pack is a semi MRA" what is your comments?
That makes me laugh really but its not unexpected to be honest. Every world always will have the top 15 being called MRA even if all those players of an alliance are very skilled experienced players. If your doing better than they are then your an MRA. I would quickly take a look at the rankings and "academies" to see who the true MRA's are.

3)What will happen,in your opinion,when protection ends? Will we see Wolf Pack in the BP rankings?
Of course you will see us there! I wont sit here and say "Yeah, Number one here we come" but I will say we will do very well. I will even judge my alliance members by the BP they gain along with points. If they dont have it then they will end up being removed.

4)There are many Shadow Warriors in O45. What is your future plans regarding them?
Now, Now...I couldn't possibly give away all my secrets but I will say they sent a pact request without a message and our profile does state what will happen to those alliances that do just that thing. ;)

Player News

Player Headlines:
• kilumianti was the first player to reach the 1,000 point milestone.
• Lord Rope is the first player to 100 attack battle points.
• Kurb and Doranulos are the first to reach 100 defense battle points.
• Davimor is the first player to 1,500 points.

Fun & Games


Top Twelve
The Labyrinth
BrotherHood Of Anarchy
Byzantine Empire
The Story of Heraklion

Credit to: [user]-Spyder-[/user], [user]Australian Army[/user], and [user]Hagop Boranian[/user]
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Awesome job, Cant wait for the next issue! More interviews though!! :D

Australian Army

Successs! We need to get more advertising. I tried subliminal messages in the finderword lol

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Thank you Thank you Thank you. (I'm the person who did the interviews by the way)


Awesome job guys,
I really hope you stick around to update it on a monthly basis!

super fast

I'd prefer more analyzing of stats, but other than that nice work

Hagop abroumian

I liked the Bloopers though... The guy thought I was a hacker and didn't want to answer but he answered later.


Put in some funny pictures or bloopers. That would be great!