Heraklion (en31) - Zap this world back in to life.



I joined this world a couple of days ago, was it the wrong choice?

I was looking for a world to interact with players, talk and join to alliances and genuinely have a great time. I am not usually a forum guy with these games. I do look on them but never really post, it causes me much sadness to witness all of these posts dating back to September.

What can i do to help boost this world in to a very active world?

Granted i am not very high and yes i am just starting, but it seems like a really good game to get on with but my first impressions have not really been met.

Some basic Questions

How long does it take before an Alliance or anyone for that matter to reply?

Is the communication level on this world the same as all the other worlds?

Am i basically going to wait for a week and then get conquered and have a hard challenging time? (I don't mind that)

How can I help to boost this world and forum back in to life?


I am sorry to get annoying and such but it is hard to enjoy a game on your own.

Sorry (dip)



all the regular posters are either mods or gone now. You need to convince the next gen that large parts of ingame wars can be won and lost on the external forums... sadly there are very few of the players that understand how to manipulate this, most have left due to disagreement with changes, and RL.


This is a very slow world. People are slow and Kind of Getting lazy... But it has some nice players and people around.

RL plays a big part in this game and have lost a large numbers of players on all side of the map.

Also there is lack of participation at alliance level with just few players actively participating. Most of the oceans are now conquered and secured. With only a few front lines now remaining the war has moved from the edges towards core and the main separating lines. Only few pacts remain between top 5-6 alliance. I guess it will be very very hard for players to grow on the edges with moral not active and oceans secured.

Priority of light


well I think im learning my way through this game, i take back what i said about communication because i have had around 3 or 4 replies and people are really nice.

I am actively looking on the forums for some updates and some people in this game are putting alot of resources and troops on the line for me.

I am really looking forward to starting a new world with these people.